1957 Hudson Hornet V8 Custom

The creation of American Motors Corporation in 1954 through the merger of Hudson and Nash-Kelvinator raised high expectations. However, amidst an escalating price war between Ford and GM, the independent automakers found themselves at a disadvantage. Hudson struggled to keep up with the swift progress of the Big Three. Despite offering a solid lineup of cars with excellent performance and value, the 1957 model year marked the end of Hudson’s existence.

In contrast to Ford and Chevy, which each sold over 1.5 million cars, Hudson’s production reached a mere 4,100 units. The top-of-the-line Hornet, essentially a heavily re-styled Nash, featured abundant chrome, fiberglass additions for distinction, a potent 327ci OHV V8 engine, and numerous luxury options. Unfortunately, the fierce competition proved insurmountable, leading AMC to permanently retire the legendary Hudson name by the conclusion of 1957.

Source: Bonhams Cars