1915 Hudson Model Six-40 Roadster Pickup

The Hudson Motor Car Company, founded in 1909 in Detroit, quickly achieved success by offering consumers well-engineered, sturdy, and technologically advanced automobiles at an affordable price. This unique approach led to a transition to an all-six-cylinder lineup in 1914, allowing the driving public to enjoy the power and performance typically associated with luxury automakers of that era.

In 1915, Hudson maintained the same successful formula while introducing several small refinements to their lineup. One notable example is the distinctive Model Six-40 Roadster, which now featured a honeycomb radiator and an electric horn operated by a steering wheel-mounted button. Its inline-six engine, with a displacement of 288.5 cubic inches, delivered 42 horsepower, and it was paired with a three-speed manual transmission.

Source: RM Sotheby’s