Hudson Hornet

Hudson Hornet old car
Hudson Hornet. Stock car racing’s surprise star, the Hudson Hornet was the car to beat in the early days of NASCAR, despite being wider and heavier than its competition. Much to the chagrin of the Big Three, the Hornet crossed the finish line on six cylinders at a time when V-8 was the new king, proving that there’s a lot more to winning races than horsepower. Drivers attributed the Hudson Hornet’s unrivaled race performance (the car won 83% of its 1952 races, to be exact) to its low center of gravity, which made for excellent handling on the racetrack and stylish cruising on the boulevard.

4 thoughts on “Hudson Hornet”

  1. David westcott

    What a beauty ,love all the chrome and low effect.any pics of a 1939 Plymouth sedan or car out there??!

  2. The 1957 Hudson was really a ‘Hash’ after they merged With Nash. The pictured car would never have won a NASCAR race. Plus it was butt ugly.

    1. the nash metropolitan was the one we put a 1600 mg engine in my sisters metro with a 4 speed tranny this was in the early 60s the thing hulled ass it would beat big chevys and chryslers off the line

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