1931 Hudson Greater Eight Series T Sport Roadster

The Hudson Motor Company was renowned for its outstanding commitment to quality, performance, and value. In 1931, the “Hudson Greater Eight” was available in two versions: the short-wheelbase Series T and the long-wheelbase Series U, featuring an impressive selection of 17 body styles. Building on the success of the previous year, the exceptional eight-cylinder engine underwent numerous refinements, now boasting a displacement of 233.7 cubic inches and an impressive 87 horsepower. Hudson’s lineup exclusively featured this powerful eight-cylinder engine.

Despite the challenging economic conditions of the deepening depression, Hudson faced declining sales reminiscent of the post-World War I recession. To rejuvenate interest in their struggling showrooms, Hudson explored the strategy of pairing the stylish boattail speedster from the Essex line with the more senior Hudson Greater Eight chassis. The Murray Corporation played a pivotal role by supplying the sleek Sport Roadster body. Although Murray was not traditionally associated with custom coachwork, their extensive experience in providing bodies for numerous U.S. automakers, including having the esteemed Ray Dietrich on their design team, made them a valuable partner.

Interestingly, the boattail Sport Roadster was not officially listed in the factory sales literature. It is believed that only twelve of these unique cars were produced, with a mere five known to have survived to date.

Source: Bonhams