1955 Mercury Montclair

1955  Mercury  Montclair old car

The 1955 Mercury Montclair was a full size old car applied to Mercury’s premium automobile line.

14 thoughts on “1955 Mercury Montclair”

  1. I have a 55 Mercury two door hard top and I was thinking about selling it. Its as clean this one the black one in this pic, so I was wondering what you’ve been offered on this black 55 Mercury?

  2. nice looking car. I always thought the Mercury was hot looking when they came out in 55 with a whole new body, only one huy I know had one with the old 292 V/8, he warmed it up a ;title with three 3bbl carbs, headers, mild cam, it ran with the chefs at the time which was doing good. It was a 3 on the tree with O.D. top end it was awesome . I see a for- sale sign , whats the number?


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