1956 Mercury Montclair Coupe

In 1956, Mercury’s top-of-the-line series was the full-sized Montclair, featuring a sleek two-door hardtop coupe powered by a 312-inch “Y-block” V8 engine, boasting 258 horsepower and a three-speed automatic transmission. Described as “long and low” in factory brochures, the Montclair impressed with its urban and highway performance, reaching sub-10-second sprints to 60 mph and a top speed just over 100 mph.

The Montclair’s design exuded elegance, with abundant chrome accents and a distinctive “Lightning Bolt” spear running along each flank, complemented by contrasting paint colors. Inside, a new three-tiered instrument panel and deep-dish steering wheel added to the allure, reflecting Ford’s focus on occupant safety.

With wrap-around glass on the windshield and backlight, the Montclair offered a stylish touch. It became a massive success for Mercury, with records indicating over 50 thousand units sold in 1956, making it their best-selling model. The base price was $2765, but optional features like automatic transmission, power steering, an AM signal-seeking radio, and tinted glass could increase the overall cost.

Source: Bonhams