1965 Mercury Montcalm Meteor Convertible

In 1965, Ford of Canada introduced the Montcalm as the top-of-the-line series of Meteors, while offering the Rideau 500 and base Rideau as more affordable alternatives. These were spacious automobiles, built on a 123-inch wheelbase, offering a range of engine options from a mild inline-6 to a powerful 390ci V8, which, when paired with a four-speed manual transmission, delivered impressive speed.

Automatic transmissions were common, with 3-speed options available, and Ford provided a wide array of optional equipment, including a unique “Swing-Away” steering wheel designed to appeal to female buyers. Factory brochures touted the 1965 Montcalm’s “Torque-box” X-frame chassis, providing some flex under load, and its comfortable ride was ensured by coil springs at each corner. The car was equipped with large drums on all wheels. Although the Montcalm was available as a convertible, these were relatively scarce compared to other models.

Source: Bonhams