Cadillac Models & History 1936

In1936 six models were available:

MODEL 36-60

  • The Cadillac series 36-60, a new model for 1936 was more than a LaSalle, but less than a full size Cadillac.
  • It had the same concept as the LaSalle, but with the Cadillac name.
  • It was smaller, shorter, lighter, less powerful, less expensive, but with full Cadillac quality.
  • It was also limited to three body styles, by Fisher.
  • The Convertible Coupe had a rumble seat, but the closed Coupe had only a small folding seat inside for an extra passenger.
  • Both these body styles had a single fenderwell on the side opposite the driver.
  • The Vee windshield, grill and fender treatment were the same as on the larger V-8’s.
  • The engine was the same new engine as in the Fleetwood bodies V-8’s, but with a 9.5mm smaller bore.
  • The transmission was the smaller unit, similar to that in the LaSalle.
  • Many dimensions were less than on the larger V-8’s, to fit the concept of a lower priced, less pretentious, but equally high-quality product.



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1936 Cadillac Model 60 Touring

  • Engine numbers were on top of the crankcase, just behind the fan support.
  • Starting: 6010001.
  • Ending: 6016712.


Model Number Model Seating Price Weight
36-6077 Coupe 2 $1645 1741 kg
36-6067 Convertible Coupe 2 $1725 1791 kg
36-6019 Transformable Sedan 5 $1695 1823 kg


Type Ninety degree, L-head
Cylinders Eight cylinders
Block Cast iron block (blocks cast enbloc with crankcase)
Bore & Stroke 85.7mm x 114.3mm
Displacement 5.280 Liters
Compression Ratio 6.25:1
Brake Horsepower 125 hp @ 3400 rpm
Power 93.2 kW @ 3400 rpm
SAE/Taxable Horsepower 36.45
Main bearings Three
Valve lifters Hydraulic
Carburetor Stromberg EE-25



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1936 Cadillac Model 60

Wheelbase 3073mm
Overall length 4978mm
Height 1670mm – 1715mm
Front Tread 1473mm
Rear Tread 1499mm
Tires 7.00 x 16.


Transmission Selective, synchro transmission.
Speeds 3 Forward, 1 Reverse.
Controls Left Hand Drive, center control, emergency lever at left under panel (rhd opt).
Clutch Single disc clutch.
Drive Shaft drive, Hotchkiss.
Axle Semifloating rear axle
Drive Type Spiral bevel drive.
Brakes Hydraulic brakes on four wheels.
Wheels Disc wheels.
Wheel size 16 in.



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1936 Cadillac Model 60

Sidemount cover(s) $20.00
Master Radio $89.50
Standard Radio $54.50
Heater $18.50
Seat covers
Flexible steering wheel $16.00
Trim rings $1.50 each
Wheel discs $4.00 each


1936 Cadillac Notes

  • Introduced: October, 1935.
  • Model year production of Series 60: 6700.
  • Model year production Series 70: 2000.
  • Model year production Series 75: 3227
  • Model year production Series 80: 250.
  • Model year production Series 85: 651.
  • Model year production Series 90: 52.
  • Nicholas Dreystadt was general manager
  • Ernest W. Seaholm was chief engineer
  • William Mitchell was chief designer (Cadillac Studio)
  • Don E. Ahrens was general sales manager
  • For the first time since 1914, Cadillacs were designated as a year model – “The 1936 Cadillacs.” Annual model changes and introduction in the Fall of the year would now become regular practice.

1936 Automotive Notes

  • Industry production rises slightly to 3,669,528 cars and 784,587 trucks
  • Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. was president of GM
  • Lammot du Pont was chairman of the board at GM
  • Cord returns with the 810 “coffin-nose”
  • The 12-cyl Lincoln-Zephyr is a medium-priced car
  • Reo leaves building cars after this year and concentrates on trucks
  • The Bearcat speedster is Stutz last automobile
  • American Bantam attempts to replace American Austin
  • Nash cars seats fold down to form a bed
  • Nash Motor Company merges with Kelvinator Corporation to form Nash-Kelvinator. George W. Mason is president and Charles W. Nash is chairman
  • After Willys-Overland Motors is reorganized it comes out of receivership
  • Buick uses names like Century and Roadmaster instead of just numbers
  • Chevrolet drops the roadster and phaeton
  • Chevrolet features new hydraulic brakes
  • Hupmobile shuts its plant down for 18 months
  • Pierce-Arrow is called the “World’s Safest Car.”
  • Reo drops the Self-Shifter and offers overdrive instead
  • Studebaker introduces “Hill Holder” to keep the car from rolling backward down a hill
  • Top model year production for 1936
Master Deluxe499,861
Series 40 Special121,714
Series 60 Century25,980
Series 80 Roadmaster17,092
Series 90 Limited4,809
Series 606,700
Series 702,000
Series 75 Fleetwood3,227
Series 80 Fleetwood250
Series 85 Fleetwood651
Series 90 Fleetwood52
American Bantam Model 575 (wb 75 in)500