Pontiac Firebird (1991) – Ultimate Guide


  • The new 1991 Firebirds were actually introduced in the spring of 1990.
  • Their most visible change was a new exterior appearance.
  • All models benefited from restyled front and rear fascias.
  • The front fascias, made of body color resilient “Endura” thermoplastic, incorporated low-profile turn signals and integral air dams.
  • At the rear, the GTA, Trans Am, and Formula were fitted with a redesigned rear deck lid spoiler.
  • New fascias on GTA and Trans Am models incorporated restyled taillights.
  • The Sport Appearance package on the base Firebird included fog lights in the fascia and carried the aero look to the sides with distinctive lateral skirting.
  • The headlights were more compact, without sacrificing light output.
  • Available in 1991 for all 5.0-liter and 5.7-liter TPI V-8s was a new “Street Legal Performance” (SLP) package of GM high-performance hardware.
  • The SLP kit, available from GM dealers, boosted engine performance without modifications to the power plants. The kit could be dealer-installed or owner-installed.
  • All 1991 Firebirds were protected by a Pass-Key theft deterrent system.
  • All Firebirds had a driver’s side airbag.
  • The standard radio was upgraded to an AM/FM cassette stereo and the GTA included a cassette with five-band graphic equalizer.
  • Acoustics were improved in all models.
  • New colors included Dark Green Metallic and a Bright White.
  • Standard Firebird equipment included
    • a 3.1-liter MFI V-6
    • a four-speed automatic transmission
    • the FE1 suspension
    • P215/65R15 tires
    • 15 x 7-in. Hi-Tech aluminum wheels
    • disc/drum brakes
    • new front/rear fascias
    • and an AM/FM stereo with cassette and clock
  • The Formula added or substituted
    • a 5.0-liter TBI V-8
    • a five-speed manual gearbox
    • the WS6 Sport Suspension
    • P245/50ZR16 tires
    • 16 x 8-in. Hi-Tech Turbo aluminum wheels
    • a limited-slip differential
    • air conditioning
  • The Trans Am added or substituted
    • a 5.0-liter TRI V-8
    • the F41 Rally Tuned suspension
    • 16 x 8-in. diamond spoke wheels
    • an aero package with special side treatment
    • a leather appointment group (including leather-wrapped steering wheel)
    • a four-way manual driver’s seat adjuster
  • Standard equipment for the Trans Am GTA included
    • the 5.7-liter TPI V-8
    • a four-speed automatic transmission
    • the WS6 Sport suspension
    • P245/50ZR16 tires
    • 16 x 8-in. diamond spoke wheels
    • a limited-slip differential
    • disc/drum brakes
    • a Performance Enhancement group (with engine oil cooler, dual converters and performance axle)
    • new front/rear fascias
    • an aero package with side treatment
    • air conditioning
    • an upgraded sound system
    • a power antenna
    • the leather appointment group
    • a four-way manual driver’s seat
    • power windows
    • power door locks
    • cruise control
    • a remote deck lid release
    • power outside mirrors








1991 Firebird Notes

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Top model year production for 1991

Chevrolet  1,161,236
Ford  1,081,290
Buick  544,325
Pontiac  489,812
Oldsmobile   426,306
Mercury  376,059
Dodge  324,595
Cadillac  213,288
Plymouth  192,193
Lincoln   178,701
Chrysler  126,383
Saturn  74,493
Eagle  59,347
Avanti   15
Acura  143,708

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