1963 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible

The range-topping Pontiac Parisienne made its debut in 1958 as part of the Pontiac Laurentian series. Just a year later, it became its own standalone model. Setting itself apart from other Canadian Pontiacs, the Parisienne offered a higher level of luxury with superior upholstery, exterior rims, and an expanded range of standard features.

Buyers had the freedom to choose from a wide array of engine and transmission options available on Chevrolet’s B-platform models. This included various inline sixes as well as a selection of V8s, starting from the base 283 and, later in the model’s production, extending to big-block engines. Transmission choices encompassed three-speed or four-speed manual, two-speed Powerglide, and, in later versions, the three-speed Turbo HydraMatic.

In terms of design, the Parisienne displayed a frontal appearance reminiscent of the Pontiac Bonneville, while incorporating rear elements reminiscent of the smaller Catalina. Convertible models were relatively rare within the Parisienne lineup, particularly for the 1963 model year, with fewer than 70 believed to have been produced. Most of these convertibles were equipped with front bucket seats and a console, adding an extra touch of elegance

Source: Bonhams