Deville Cadillac History 1962

Deville Cadillac Models & History 1962

TheDeVille lineup was much more of a separate series this year and some historical sources list it as such, while others list it as a 6200 sub-series.

The new model for 1962 was a variation of the Town Sedan, introduced the previous season, with a new Style code and name.

1962 Cadillac Deville

It was now Body Style 6289D and referred to as the Park Avenue four-window sedan.

DeVilles were trimmed very similar to base 6200 models.

They had all of the same standard equipment plus Two-Way power seat and power windows.

The Style Number 6367E Biarritz convertible also featured power vent windows, white sidewall tires and a Six-Way power bench seat, although buyers could substitute bucket seats, in place of the last item, at no cost.


  • Motor serial numbers took the same form used in 1961
    • the first pair of symbols changed to “62” to indicate 1962 model year
    • the next symbol was a letter to indicate the model as listed below
    • the next six numbers indicated the consecutive unit number beginning with 000001
  • The serial number was located at the front of the lefthand frame side bar
  • Motor serial numbers again matched and were found on the center lefthand side of the block above the oil pan
  • The alphabetical code “C” now identified the Town Sedan in the 6200 series
  • The code “D” was adopted to identify the similar short-deck DeVille sedan added to the lineup this year


1962 Cadillac Deville

Type V-8 – Overhead valves
Block Cast iron block
Displacement 6.384 Liters
Bore and stroke 101.6mm x 98.4mm
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Brake horsepower 325 hp @ 4800 rpm
Power 242 kW @ 4800 rpm
Bearings Five main bearings
Valve Lifters Hydraulic valve lifters
Carburetion Rochester four-barrel Model 701930


Model No. Style No. Body Type Seat Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
62-63B 6339B

4-door 4-window Sedan

6 $5631 2125 kg 27,378
62-62L 6329L

4-door 6-window Sedan

6 $5631 2118 kg 16,230
62-63D 6389D

Park Ave Sedan

6 $5631 2116 kg 2,600
62-63J 6347J

2-door Hardtop Coupe

6 $5385 2089 kg 25,675


  • The Park Ave sedan was a short-deck DeVille sedan.
  • The Style Number 6347J was the Coupe DeVille.
  • All Sedan DeVilles were pillarless hardtop sedans.


Model Wheelbase Overall Length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires Exhaust
Series 62 3289mm 5639mm 8.00 x 15 Single
Deville 3289mm 5639mm 8.00 x 15 Single
Deville Town Sedan 3289mm 5461mm 8.00 x 15 Single
Park Avenue Sedan 3289mm 5461mm 8.00 x 15 Single


  • The majority of options and accessories available for 1962 models were identical to those offered in 1961 at the same prices
  • Bucket seats were available for 6267F, 6339B, 6347J, or 6389D as an option ($108)