1931 Cadillac 355 Town Sedan

Throughout the early 1930s, Cadillac’s long-standing V8 engine witnessed remarkable advancements almost every year. Originally introduced in 1914 and refined throughout the 1920s, the V8 underwent significant overhaul in 1927.

Concurrently, the chassis also experienced notable transformations, with four-wheel brakes becoming standardized in 1924 and hydraulic shock-absorbers in 1928. The adoption of under-slung rear springs and an extended wheelbase allowed the achievement of longer and lower body lines.

Over the next few years, aside from annual facelifts, the changes to the V8 line were relatively minimal. One notable technological enhancement was the introduction of synchromesh gears in 1929. Additionally, the engine displacement increased to 353ci (5.8 liters) the following year.

Source: Bonhams