2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 SPECIFICATIONS


ZR1 Manual Coupe

ZR1 Auto Coupe

ZR1 Manual Convertible


Engine type

Engine output

Bore & Stroke

Block & Head material

Fuel delivery

Fuel economy, Man/Auto


Final drive ratio(s)

Turning radius


Front suspension

Rear suspension

Front brakes

Rear brakes

Wheels, F/R

Tires, F/R


Overall length


Track, front

Track, rear

Overall width

Overall height

Curb weight

Weight Dist, F/R

Fuel capacity




6.2L OHV 90-degree V8, supercharged

755 hp @ 6,300 rpm / 715 lb-ft @ 4,400 rpm

4.06″ X 3.62″ / 103.25mm X 92mm

cast aluminum

direct- and port-injection

City 15/13 mpg / Highway 22/23 mpg

8-speed automatic / 7-speed manual

manual- 3.42:1 / auto- 2.41:1

39.2 ft / 11.6 m

Variable-ratio rack & pinion, electric power assist

Aluminum SLA, traverse composite leaf spring, MSCR

Aluminum SLA, traverse composite leaf spring, MSCR

15.5″ / 394mm 2-piece carbon matrix rotors & 6-piston fixed calipers

15.3″ / 388mm 2-piece carbon matrix rotors & 4-piston fixed calipers

19′ X 10.5″ / 20″ X 12″, cast alloy

P285/30ZR19 / P335/25ZR20, Michelin Pilot Super Sport, run-flat

176.9″ / 4,493mm

106.7″ / 2,710mm

63.6″ / 1,615mm

62.5″ / 1,588mm

77.4″ / 1,965mm

48.6″ / 1,234mm

3,560 lbs to 3,618 lbs

Front 50% / Rear 50%

18.5 US gal / 90L

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