Cadillac Models & History 1932

Threeprimary models were available for 1932:

355-B (8-CYLINDER)


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1932 Cadillac

The Cadillac Series 355-B is representative of changes for 1932 that other models made.



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1932 Cadillac

  • The bodies were longer and lower with an entirely restyled front assembly.
  • The roof line was lowered one to 76mm.
  • The longer hood had six ports.
  • The new front styling included a flat grill built into the radiator shell, headlight, streamlined bullet shaped side lights, and elimination of the fender tie-bar and monogram bar.
  • The trumpets of the dual horns projected through the headlight stanchions.
  • The headlight lenses were 241mm each in diameter.
  • The dual tail lights matched the headlights.
  • The Super-safe lighting featured three-filament bulbs and four control positions for degree and angle of illumination.
  • The front license plate was mounted on the bumper.
  • The running boards curved to match the sweep of the front fenders and blended into the rear fenders.
  • The tail of the rear fenders was blended into the fuel tank valance.
  • The trunk on the Town Coupe, Town Sedan, and five passenger Convertible Coupe was integral with the body.
  • The driver’s vision was increased by 30 percent, as a result of elimination of the outside visor and construction of the 12 degree sloping windshield and corner posts.
  • A large ventilator was in the top of the cowl, but none in the sides of the cowl.
  • All separate body moldings were eliminated.
  • The three spoke steering wheel afforded easy view of instrument cluster in front of the driver.
  • The right side of the panel was occupied by a “locker.”


  • There were no serial numbers used for the Series 355-B Cadillac.
  • Engine numbers were stamped on the crankcase near the water inlet on the right hand side.
  • Starting 1200001. Ending 1202700


Fisher 134″ wheelbase
Job number Doors Style Seating Price Weight
32-8-155 2-door Roadster 2/4 $2895 2107 kg
32-8-178 2-door Coupe 2/4 $2795 2139 kg
32-8-168 2-door Convertible Coupe 2/4 $2945 2125 kg
32-8-159 4-door Standard Sedan 5 $2895 2220 kg


Fisher 140″ wheelbase
Job number Doors Style Seating Price Weight
32-8-256 4-door Standard Phaeton 5 $2995 2136 kg
32-8-280 4-door Special Phaeton 5 $3095 2159 kg
32-8-273 4-door All Weather Phaeton 5 $2495 2305 kg
32-8-279 4-door Sport Phaeton 5 $3245 2182 kg
32-8-272 2-door Coupe 5 $2995 2143 kg
32-8-259 4-door Special Sedan 5 $3045 2257 kg
32-8-252 4-door Town Sedan 5 $3095 2264 kg
32-8-262 4-door Sedan 7 $3145 2323 kg
32-8-263 4-door Imperial Sedan 7 $3295 2341 kg


Fleetwood 140″ wheelbase
Style number Doors Style Seating Price Weight
4930-S 4-door Sedan 5 $3395 2257 kg
4975-S 4-door Sedan 7 $3545 2323 kg
4975 4-door Limousine 7 $3745 2341 kg
4981 2-door Town Coupe 5 $3395 2234 kg
4912 4-door Town Cabriolet 5/7 $4095 2268 kg
4991 4-door Limousine Brougham 7 $4245 2318 kg
4925 4-door Town Cabriolet 7 $4245 2318 kg
4975-H4 4-door Limousine 7
4985 2-door Convertible Coupe 5


Type Ninety degree L-head
Cylinders Eight cylinders
Crankcase Cast Iron on Aluminum crankcase
Bore & Stroke 85.7 x 125.4
Displacement 5.793 Liters
Compression ratio 5.38:1 std; 5.70:1, 5.20:1 optional
Brake horsepower 115 @ 3000 rpm
SAE Taxable horsepower 36.45
Main bearings three
Valve lifters Mechanical
Carburetor Cadillac/Johnson
  • Twenty-one percent increase in power achieved mostly from new manifold design plus carburetor revisions.
  • Intake manifold redesigned to give equal length path to each cylinder.
  • Location of inlet and exhaust valves interchanged on middle cylinders of each block, placing inlet valves side by side at the center so that one leg of the inlet manifold can service both middle cylinders.
  • Exhaust manifold placed on top of the intake manifold, with single exhaust pipe to the rear.
  • Air filter added to intake muffler.
  • External tuning chamber on tail pipe.
  • Mechanical fuel pump replaces vacuum tank fuel feed.
  • Separate vacuum pump for wipers.
  • Oil filter mounted along left side of crankcase.
  • Increased capacity from battery and air cooled generator.
  • Manual advance on distributor eliminated.
  • Six point engine suspension (four corners of engine plus dual mount at rear of transmission).
  • Fan mounted closer to radiator.
  • Close fitting fan shroud adjustable and must be moved up or down on radiator as fan assembly is moved for adjustment of belt tension.
  • Radiator of full-bodied-fin construction.
  • Thermostat controlled shutters retained.


Wheelbase 3404mm or 3556mm (3962mm Commercial Chassis)
Overall length 5258mm5410mm
Front Tread 1521mm
Rear Tread 1549mm
Tires 7.00 x 17


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1932 Cadillac Roadster

  • Frame redesigned using more box construction and no front or rear tubular cross member.
  • Brake drums cast Molybdenum.
  • “Cardan” shaft replaced by cable control for front brakes.
  • “Full Range Ride control” by driver adjustment of shock absorber valves.
  • V-threaded spring shackle pins to control side play.
  • Wire wheels standard, with optional full chrome covers to simulate disc wheels.
  • Optional demountable wood wheels fit same hubs as wire wheels.


Transmission Selective synchro transmission
Speeds 3 forward, 1 reverse
Controls Left-hand drive, center controls (right-hand drive optional)
Clutch Twin disc clutch — selective vacuum-activation
Drive Shaft drive
Torque tube
Axle 3/4 floating rear axle
Drive spiral bevel drive
Overall ratio 4.36:1, 4.60:1
Brakes Mechanical brakes on four wheels
Drums 381mm brake drums
Wheels Wire wheels (std), demountable wood (opt)
Wheel size 17 in. drop center
  • “Triple-Silent Synchro-Mesh” transmission by use of a constant-mesh helical gears with ground and lapped tooth profile for all forward gears.
  • Rear axle redesigned to be lighter and stronger, through the use of improved heat treatment.
  • Final drive ratios changed, but smaller tires give same net effect.
  • “Controlled Free Wheeling” used — vacuum assist on clutch, controlled by foot button. Depressing button releases clutch, releasing button or depressing accelerator re-engages clutch.


Tire cover(s) $5-$20 each
Trunks $100-180
Heron or Goddess $20
Radio Price on application
Heater $37.50-47.50
Auxiliary lights $37.50-57.50
Wind wings $25-47.50
Tonneau Shield $185
Seat covers $26.50-73.50
Mirrors $8-16 each
Full covers for wire wheels $10 each
6 wire wheels with fender wells and trunk rack $130
5 demountable wood wheels $30
6 demountable wood wheels with wells and rack $166
Colored fender set $50


1932 Cadillac Notes

  • The 1932 models were introduced January, 1932
  • Model year production of V-8: 2693
  • Model year production of V-12: 1709
  • Model year production ov V-16: 296
  • The president and general manager was Lawrence P. Fisher
  • Ernest W. Seaholm was chief engineer
  • J. C. Chick was general sales manager

1932 Automotive Notes

  • Industry production dropped another million to 1,186,185 cars and 245,284 trucks
  • Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. was president of GM
  • Lammot du Pont was chairman of the board at GM
  • Ford introduces its 221-cid V-8(3.6 litre)
  • V-12 engines popular among upper level models: Auburn, Cadillac, Franklin, Lincoln, Packard, Pierce-Arrow
  • Studebaker introduces the Rockne
  • Hudson launches the Essex Terraplane
  • vacuum-actuated clutches appear on Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge, and LaSalle
  • Most makes feature free-wheeling
  • Inside sunvisors become more popular than outside sunvisors
  • Automatic chokes appear on Oldsmobile and Packard
  • Fred Duesenberg (1876-1932) dies
  • Alexander Winton dies (a pioneer automaker with many innovative automobile patents)
  • Ray A. Graham (1887-1932) dies (with brothers Joseph and Robert known for the Graham-Paige cars)
  • Hugh Chalmers dies (founded Chalmers Motor Car Company)
  • This is last year for the L-29 Cord
  • Nash introduces the Ambassador Eight
  • William S. Knudsen is general manager of Pontiac
  • Top model year production for 1932
Series 5028,403
Series 6014,241
Series 805,892
Series 908,266
355B Eight2,693
370B Twelve1,709
452B Sixteen296
American Austin (wb 75 in.)3,846