Cadillac Model & history B 1905

TheModel B was introduced in 1904. The single cylinder Model B remained unchanged from the 1904 Cadillac. The horsepower was now rated at 9 instead of 8.5. In 1904, the optional 1524mm (wide track was not available on the Model B; but this year a 1549mm tread was also made optional by the use of tubular axle to replace the pressed steel axle with standard tread.



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1905 Cadillac rear entrance tonneau

Model No. Body type Seating Price Weight
Model B Touring 4 $900 659 kg
Model B Surrey 4 $900 659 kg


Engine typeHorizontal with cylinder to rear
Number of cylindersone
Block constructionCast iron cylinder
Water jacketCopper
Bore & Stroke127mm x 127 mm (5.00 inch x 5.00 inch)
Displacement1.609 litres (98.2 cu. in.)
Brake H.P.“Higher than advertised or calculated H.P.”
Advertised H.P.9 H.P.
ALAM. NACC, SAE H.P.Calculated by identical formulae; ALAM first used formula in 1908
Main bearingsTwo
Valve liftersMechanical
Engine numbers4200-5000 with EF (1904)
CarburetorUpdraft mixer, manufactured by Cadillac


Wheelbase1930mm (76 in.)
Overall length2845 mm (112 in.)
Height1524mm (60 in.)
Front/Rear Tread1435mm (56.5 in.)
Optional Front/Rear Tread1549mm (61 in.)
Wheels12 spoke wood wheels (24 inch)
Tire30″ x 3″ clincher
Brake typeMechanical
Brake wheel locationTwo rear wheels
Brake contractionOn inboard drums
Weight659 kg (1450 lb)


TransmissionPlanetary transmission
Speeds2 forward, 1 reverse
Ratiolow=3:1; high=1:1; rev.=3:1
Controlslow=foot pedal; rev and high=lever to right
Clutchlow and reverse=bands; high=discs
DriveChain drive
DifferentialSpur gear
Overall ratio3.1:1 to 5:1
Drivetrain OptionsTen different ratios


  • The transmission had two forward speeds (3:1 and 1:1) and one reverse with a disc clutch and chain drive.
  • The overall ratio was between 3.1:1 and 5:1 depending on the combination of the size of the sprockets.
  • The drive sprocket had 9 or 10 teeth and the driven sprocket had 31, 34, 38, 41, or 45 teeth.
    9-T Drive sprocket 10-T Drive sprocket
    31-T Driven sprocket 3.44:1 3.10:1
    34-T Driven sprocket 3.78:1 3.40:1
    38-T Driven sprocket 4.22:1 3.80:1
    41-T Driven sprocket 4.56:1 4.10:1
    45-T Driven sprocket 5.00:1 4.50:1
  • The lower ratios were used on the runabouts used on smooth, level roads; but the higher ratios were used on hilly roads and for delivery vehicles.
  • Owners were instructed how to change the sprockets, but it involved the disassembly of the transmission and rear axle — hardly a job for the average motorist.


Bulb Horn. Lights. Rear deck to replace tonneau$10.00