Cadillac Deville Models & History 1974


DeVilles again had all Calais equipment plus

  • rocker moldings
  • rear center arm rests
  • rear cigar lighters
  • power front seat adjuster.

A DeVille script nameplate replaced the Calais signature above the rear tip of the lower belt molding. New options included a DeVille d’Elegance luxury appointments package and a fully padded vinyl Cabriolet roof treatment. Ingredients of the former package were

  • velour upholstery
  • DeLuxe padded doors
  • front seat back storage pockets
  • deep-pile carpeting
  • floor mats
  • see-through standup hood ornament
  • vinyl tape accent stripes.

The Cabriolet group incorporated a landau style top with bright metal forward divider strip. A Space Saver spare tire was standard when DeVilles were ordered with optional white sidewall steel belted radial tires.

Model Body/style Number Body Type Seating Price Weight Production total
6D D47/J 2-dr Coupe 6 pass $7867 4924 112,201
6D D49/B 4-dr Sedan 6 pass $81005032 60,419


  • At the beginning of the 1974 model year, the following factory retail prices were in effect for Calais and DeVille models: C49/N ($6,327); C47/6 ($6,153); D49/6 ($6,793); D47/J ($6,560).
  • A mid-year price increase resulted in the factory retails shown in the chart above.
  • Mid-year price increases, although nothing new to the auto industry, became much more common after the early 1970s.
Description Standard Engine Eldorado Engine
Engine type V-8 Overhead valves. Cast iron block V-8 Overhead valves
Main bearings Five Five
Valve lifters Hydraulic Hydraulic
Displacement 472 cubic inches (7.7 litres) 500 cubic inches (8.2 litres)
Bore and stroke 4.300 x 4.060 inches
(109 x 103 mm)
4.300 x 4.304
(109 x 109.3 mm)
Compression ratio 8.25:1 8.25:1
Brake horsepower (net SAE) 205 at 4400 rpm 210 @ 3600 rpm
Torque 365 ft. lbs @ 2400 rpm 380 ft. lbs. @ 2000 rpm
Oil pressure 35 psi 35 psi
Carburetor Rochester four-barrel Quadrajet Model 4MV


Model Wheelbase Overall length Width Tires
Brougham 133 in 234 in 80 inches L78 x 15/B white sidewall bias belted
Eldorado 126 224 in
Commercial chassis 157.5 in L-78 x 15/B black sidewall bias belted
Seventy-Five 151.5 in 252 in
All others 130 in 231 in


Emissions test, required in California $20
Controlled differential (except Eldorado) $56
High altitude performance package $16
High energy electronic ignition $77


Automatic Climate Control $523
Airbag restraint system $225
Automatic Level Control $77
Cruise control $95
Coupe DeVille Custom Cabriolet, with sun roof $840
Coupe DeVille Custom Cabriolet, without sun roof $220
Rear window defogger $64
DeLuxe robe and pillow $85
DeVille d’Elegance group, in Sedan DeVille $355
DeVille d’Elegance group, in Coupe DeVille $300
Door edge guards. two-door $6
Door edge guards. four-door $10
Power door locks, two-door including seatback release $69
Power door locks four-door $69
Dual Comfort front seat in DeVille $108
Front/rear twin floormats $17
Soft-Ray tinted glass $57
Guidematic headlamp control $49
Trumpet horn $15
Bumper impact strips $24
Lamp monitors $48
License frame $6
Illuminated vanity mirror $43
Righthand remote control outside rear view mirror $27
Firemist paint $132
Special Firemist paint $200
Special non-Firemist paint $174
All radios have power antenna
AM/FM pushbutton $203
AM/FM with tape $426
AM/FM signal seeking $340
Fully-padded vinyl roofs, on DeVille/Calais $152
Six-Way power seat in Calais $120
Six-Way power seat in DeVille $89
Six-Way power seat passenger seat only, with Dual-Comfort $120
Six-Way power seat driver’s seat only, with Dual-Comfort $89
Tilt & Telescope steering $94
Sun roof, DeVille $610
Theft deterrent system $80
Left hand remote control thermometer mirror $15
Tires, L78 x 15/D whitewall $41
Tires, LR78 x 15/B whitewall steel belted radial on Calais $156
Tires, LR78 x 15/B whitewall steel belted radial on DeVille with Space Saver spare $156
Tires, L78 x 15/B blackwall bias belted with Space Saver spare $35
Tires, L78 x 15/B whitewall bias belted with Space Saver spare $63
Trailering package $65
Remote control trunk lock $60
Trunk mat $80
Twilight Sentinel $42
Expanded vinyl upholstery in DeVille $184
Special wheel discs $40
Controlled cycle windshield wipers $25