Pontiac Firebird (1986) – Ultimate Guide


  • New tail lamps and center filler panel gave the base 1986 Firebird a modified look that was different from that of the upscale Firebirds.
  • Features:
    • New lower body accent paint with sports striping
    • Dual sport mirrors and a rear spoiler.
    • Optional hood bird graphic decal also changed in appearance.
    • All models had a power pull-down hatch with electric remote release optional.
    • All models carried 15 inch tires.
    • New options included a programmable, electrically-controlled day/night mirror.
  • All base and SE Firebirds with V-6 or V-8 now had the optional Rally Tuned suspension with P215/65R15 tires on seven-inch Rally II wheels.
  • New lightweight pistons went into the base “Tech IV” 151-cid (2.5-liter) four, which was connected to a standard five-speed manual gearbox.
  • The Firebird SE carried a standard 173-cid (2.8-liter) V-6 with multi-port fuel injection.
  • Both base and SE Firebirds could have a 5.0-liter four-barrel V-8 with either a five-speed manual or automatic transmission.
  • The Trans Am had a standard 155-hp version of the 5.0-liter V-8 and a tuned-port fuel injection option that delivered 190 hp.
  • A five-speed manual shifter was standard and a four-speed overdrive automatic was required with the tuned-port-injection (TPI) engine.
  • The standard Y99 Rally Tuned suspension came with P215/60R15 tires on seven-inch cast aluminum wheels.
  • The Trans Am’s WS6 suspension package included:
    • four-wheel disc brakes
    • a limited-slip differential
    • larger front and rear stabilizer bars
    • P245/50VR16 Gatorback tires
  • A new back-lit instrument cluster included an electric speedometer, which read up to 140 mph when equipped with the TPI V-8.








1986 Firebird Notes

1986 Automotive Notes

  • GM news:
  • Ford news:
  • Chrysler news:
  • AMC news:
  • Other makes news:
  • Top American Automobile Corporations for 1986
1. General Motors  4,350,916
2. Ford   1,809,604
3. Chrysler  1,168,836
4. AMC   64,873
5. Others   N/A
  • Top model year production for 1986
Chevrolet   1,368,837
Ford   1,253,525
Oldsmobile  1,050,832
Buick  850,103
Skyhawk   87,993
Skylark   62,235
Somerset   75,620
Century   274,507
Regal   96,741
LeSabre   102,727
Electra  130,225
Riviera  22,138
Pontiac   799,461
Dodge   450,365
Mercury   399,240
Chrysler   367,898
Plymouth   350,573
Cadillac   281,683
Cimarron   24,534
Seville   19,098
DeVille & Fleetwood   166,207
Eldorado   22,842
Fleetwood Brougham   49,137
Fleetwood Limousine   1,365
Lincoln   156,839
AMC   64,873
Encore   19,109
Alliance   67,110
Eagle 308,217
Acura   52,869

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