1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible Coupe

1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible Coupe. A two-door pillarless hardtop version was launched in 1966, the first two-door Lincoln since 1960, and the MEL engine was expanded from 430 cu in (7.0 L) to 462 cu in (7.6 L) cubic inches. The car was given all-new exterior sheet metal and a new interior. Parking lights and front turn signals went back into the front bumper, and taillights set in the rear bumper for the first time

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  1. Lincoln did not make a 2 door convertible in the 1960’s, only a four door (way more cool). They did, however, make a 2 door coupe starting in 1966. Was not a huge seller and essentially was supplanted by the 2 door Mk3 in about ‘68.

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