1929 Lincoln Model L Seven-Passenger Touring

Established in 1917 by Cadillac founder Henry Leland, Lincoln’s initial venture was manufacturing Liberty aircraft V12s for the American WW1 efforts. Their first automobile, the 1920 Model L, featured a powerful and advanced V8 engine with fork-and-blade connecting rods, demonstrating innovative aeronautical influence and compact design despite its large size.

Facing financial trouble, Lincoln was acquired by Henry Ford in 1922, prompted by his son Edsel. Recognizing its exceptional engineering and superior quality, Ford continued producing the Model L with minimal changes until 1929.

This 1929 example represents the final year of production for the Model L and the last pre-Ford engineered Lincoln. Adorned in nickel, wood, canvas, leather, and steel, this four-door Touring model showcases its grand proportions, sporty roofline, and exquisite detailing, leaving no doubt that it is a truly remarkable vehicle.

Source: Bonhams