1956 Lincoln Premiere Convertible

During the early 1950s, while Cadillac was leading the way in style with fins inspired by airplanes and “Dagmar” bumpers, Lincoln was quietly excelling in the Carrera Panamericana race. Lincolns from that era possessed a blend of swiftness and elegance, yet they adhered to a clean design that bordered on being understated. However, the year 1956 marked a significant departure for Lincoln.

Drawing inspiration from the design elements of the 1954 Mercury X-800 and the 1955 Lincoln Futura show cars, the 1956 Lincoln offered luxury buyers a distinct and stylish alternative to the dominant Cadillac. Equipped with a new 368ci V8 engine producing 285 horsepower, coupled with a “Turbo-Drive” automatic transmission, and an extended wheelbase of 126 inches (a three-inch increase), the 1956 Lincoln encapsulated the futuristic essence of the Atomic era.

Introduced in 1956 as the new flagship model, the Premiere series displaced the Capri from its prior position. Available as a sleek two-door hardtop, a dignified four-door sedan, and a convertible, the Premiere featured standard amenities such as power seats, windows, brakes, and the innovative Push-Button Lubrication system. The Premiere Convertible bore a base price of $4,747, positioning it as a vehicle of luxury rather than affordability. With only 2,447 units manufactured at that price point, exclusivity was assured.

Source: Bonhams