1956 Studebaker Sky Hawk

The Studebaker Sky Hawk was a unique one-year model that emerged during the brief era of the merged Packard and Studebaker corporations. Among the four two-door coupe offerings in the lineup, the theme revolved around the striking coupe designs crafted by the Raymond Loewy Studio, led by Robert Bourke.

The range began with the six-cylinder Flight Hawk, while the Power Hawk, Sky Hawk, and Golden Hawk boasted increasing performance with V8 engines, ranging from 259 to 352 cubic inches. Although the Golden Hawk gained attention for its impressive performance and some consider it one of the earliest muscle cars based on its power-to-weight ratio, the Sky Hawk stood out for its balanced handling. However, the additional weight of the 352 engine made the series somewhat nose-heavy.

Without a doubt, each model displayed distinctive and distinguished looks, but the high price tag of $2,477 limited production to just over 3,000 units. This accounted for less than 5% of Studebaker’s total production that year.

Source: Bonhams