1955 Studebaker President Speedster

Studebaker experienced a vibrant period in the post-World War II years, proudly claiming the title of being “First by Far with a Postwar Car” in 1949. The introduction of the President Speedster in 1955 marked a significant milestone, presenting a stunning Grand Touring “halo” model. Based on the elegant Loewy-Bourke coupe, it signaled Studebaker’s entry into the burgeoning “Personal Luxury” market alongside the Corvette, Chrysler 300, and Thunderbird.

The President Speedster boasted numerous amenities, including “Shoemaker-stitched,” diamond-pleated upholstery in top-grain leather, front and rear carpeting, an eight-tube pushbutton AM radio, and an engine-turned instrument panel housing a full complement of Stewart-Warner dials. Priced at $3,253, the President Speedster held the distinction of being Studebaker’s most expensive model. Production was limited to 2,215 examples for the year 1955.

Source: Bonhams Cars