1917 Pierce-Arrow Model 48-B-4 Runabout

By the conclusion of the Brass Era, Pierce-Arrow had firmly established itself as one of the United States’ premier automobile manufacturers, recognized alongside Packard and Peerless as part of the esteemed “Three P’s”. Their vehicles became instantly recognizable, thanks in part to Herbert Dawley’s patented fender-mounted headlamps, a design element credited to Pierce for its introduction to the American market.

The 1917 Pierce-Arrow Model 48-B-4 boasted a formidable 525-cubic-inch T-head inline six-cylinder engine, equipped with two valves per cylinder and hydraulic valve tappets. Paired with a forward-thinking four-speed transmission featuring a reverse gear and shaft drive, these features were remarkably modern for the era’s end, enabling a comfortable yet impressive top speed of 55 mph.

Esteemed by enthusiasts as excellent “drivers” due to their ample performance and driving pleasure, these Pierce-Arrow vehicles hold significant popularity within the Pierce-Arrow Society and feature prominently in tour events hosted by the Vintage Motor Car and Antique Automobile Clubs of America. Often showcased in distinguished collections across the country, they remain enduring symbols of automotive elegance and innovation.

Source: Bonhams