1926 Pierce Arrow Model 80 Rumble Seat Roadster

The Pierce-Arrow Model 80, introduced in 1924, marked a significant departure from its predecessors. Equipped with a 289 cubic inch L-head six-cylinder engine, it boasted a price that was nearly half that of the larger T-head Model 33, which had a 425 cubic inch engine.

Despite its smaller size, the Model 80 showcased impressive performance, with 70 brake horsepower, only 30 less than the Model 33. Moreover, weighing approximately 1,200 pounds less than the Model 33, the Model 80 actually outperformed its more established counterpart.

However, this 1926 Pierce-Arrow Model 80 Roadster stands out from the typical production of Pierce-Arrow vehicles. It exudes a lively and sporty demeanor, in stark contrast to the conservative sedans, touring cars, coaches, and limousines that were commonly associated with Pierce-Arrow. The open roadster body features a rumble seat and elegantly rests on the Model 80’s 130-inch wheelbase.

The top of the small doors aligns smoothly with the body break, creating a continuous and sleek flow from the radiator to the tail, emphasizing its sporty character. This is further accentuated by the opening windshield, tubular bumpers (a single one at the front and double ones at the rear on each side of the covered rear-mounted spare wheel and tire), and the presence of a golf bag door on the body side.


Source: Bonhams