1916 Pierce-Arrow 48 Phaeton

Pierce-Arrow has earned recognition as one of the finest motorcars ever produced, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence. Their “golden age” products, crafted between 1909 and 1920, encompassed three models: 38 (initially 36) hp, 48 hp, and the mammoth 66 hp. Despite different sizes, all models shared identical top-notch quality. The 66 hp model notably boasted the largest engine ever used in a production motorcar, a massive 825ci.

The 48 hp model, powered by a magnificent 525ci six-cylinder t-head engine, featured a refined four-speed transmission. By 1915, Pierce introduced a complete instrument cluster and a reliable self-starting system, further improved in 1916 with the introduction of the new fourth series cars.

Source: Bonhams