1913 Cadillac Model 30 Five-Passenger Touring

In the late 1909, Cadillac introduced the Model 30, marking a significant milestone in both the history of Cadillac and the automotive industry as a whole. Highly esteemed upon its release, the Model 30 underwent notable enhancements, including the addition of an electric starter in 1912. Initially considered a luxury feature, this innovative self-starter eliminated the need for the cumbersome and potentially hazardous crank-starter, making automobiles more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

By 1913, the Model 30 had undergone further refinement. The Five-Passenger Touring variant showcased a redesigned body, with rounder fenders and a smoother transition between the hood and cowl, although streamlined designs were still a few years away from becoming a trend.

The mechanical aspects of the vehicle also received subtle improvements. The electrical system was enhanced and simplified, and the displacement of the L-head inline-four engine was increased to 365.8 cubic inches, among other advancements. It was during this model year that Cadillac introduced its famous tagline, “Standard of the World,” which perfectly suited the exceptional quality of this particular model.

Source: RM Sotheby’s