1959 Dodge Royal Lancer

Manufactured from 1955 to 1959, the Dodge Custom Royal held the prestigious position as the pinnacle trim level, positioned above the Royal and Coronet models. Commencing just past the door, the immense tailfins adorning the 1959 Dodge elongate gracefully to the rear of the vehicle, appearing almost independent from the side panels akin to gracefully swept-back wings.

The striking eyebrows over the headlights, along with the self-assured and jutting bumpers adorned with intricate grille patterns and dynamic jet-inspired accents, serve as iconic representations of the flamboyance and opulence that characterized the 1950s. Fusing extravagant design with potent engines, these sizable automobiles epitomize the zenith of 1950s exuberance and hopefulness. This spirit is succinctly encapsulated in the tagline for the 1959 Dodge: “The Newest of Everything Great and the Greatest of Everything New.”

Source: Bonhams