1970 Dodge Charger 500 383 Coupe

Originally introduced as a sleek, fastback-style concept car, the Charger made its debut in the middle of the 1966 model year, utilizing the new Coronet as its foundation. In comparison to its similarly styled competitors, such as the Plymouth Barracuda and Ford Mustang 2+2, the Charger boasted a larger size. It offered a range of engine choices, starting with the standard 318ci V8 and extending all the way up to the formidable 440 ‘Magnum’ and the legendary 426 ‘Hemi’ powerplants.

In 1968, the Charger underwent a complete transformation, emerging with a semi-fastback body design that is widely regarded as one of Dodge’s most iconic creations. Like its contemporaries during the “muscle car” heyday of the American auto industry, the Charger remains highly coveted among today’s collectors. Fast forward to 1971, the Charger experienced another significant overhaul. While still based on the Chrysler B platform, the redesigned model featured an array of notable stylistic changes.

Source: Bonhams Cars