Singer Sm Roadster Series 4ad (1951)

Singer Sm Roadster Series 4ad (1951)

The Car

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The Specs

Below are the technical specifications and any performance numbers we could get.


Bore & Stroke 73mm x 89.4mm
Displacement 1497cc
Firing order 1,3,4,2
Oil pressure (hot)
30 – 35 lb./sq. in. at 30 mph in top gear

Fuel Supply

Carburetor Solex FAI D/D
Choke 24
Main 125
Air Correction 230
Pilot 45
Starter Petrol 115
Starter Air 4


Intake tappet clearance 0.004″ (hot)
Exhaust tappet clearance 0.006″ (hot)
Valve-timing indication ¼ on flywheel rim
Intake valve opens 10° BTDC


Breaker gap 0.012″
Plug gap 0.025″
Ignition timing indication ¼ on flywheel rim
Ignition timing 4° – 5° BTDC


Clutch type Borg & Beck Single Dry Plate 8A6G
Clutch linings


Brake type Girling Hydraulic Front; Mechanical Rear
Brake linings

Wheel Alignment

Toe-In 1⁄8” unladen
Camber 1° laden
Caster angle 2° laden
King pin angle 7° laden