Fleetwood Cadillac Models & History 1959

Onthis line, Fleetwood lettering was used on the front fenders and on the trim strip crossing the bottom of the deck lid. A rear facing, bullet-shaped, scoop-like convex panel was used on the rear doors and fenders and was trimmed by a similarly shaped body rub molding that extended to the front wheel well at the bottom and to the headlamps at the top. Pillared, six window styling was seen and a three-deck jeweled rear grille was featured. The rear wheels were skirted and wheelbase was now identical to all but the “Seventy-Five” models. The standard equipment list included all 6200 and 6300 features plus power vent windows and dual outside mirrors.


  • The motor serial number system adopted in 1958 was used again with numbers in the same physical locations
  • The first pair of symbols changed to “59” to designate model year
  • The third symbol (a letter listed as a Body Style Number suffix in charts below) identified model and series
  • Consecutive unit numbers began at 000001 and up


Model Number Body Style Model Seat Price Weight Production Total
59-60 6029M

4-door Hardtop Sedan

6 $6233 2223 kg 12,250


Type V-8 Overhead valves
Block Cast iron block
Displacement 6.384 Liters
Bore and stroke 101.6mm x 98.4mm
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Brake horsepower 325 hp @ 4800 rpm
Power 242 kW @ 4800 rpm
Bearings Five main bearings
Valve Lifters Hydraulic valve lifters
Carburetor Carter AFB four-barrel Model 2814S


Feature Fleetwood 60S
Wheelbase 130″
Overall Length 225″
Tires 8.00 x 15
Dual exhausts standard
Rear axle ratios 2.94:1 standard; 3.21:1 optional or mandatory with air conditioning


The 345 horsepower Eldorado V-8 was optional on all other Cadillacs at $134.30 extra


Radio with rear speaker $165
Radio with rear speaker and remote control $247
Automatic heating system on Series 75 $179
Automatic heating system on other models $129
Six-Way power seat on 6200s except convertible $189
Six-Way power seat on 60-6306-6400 and 6200 convertible $89
Power window regulators $73
Power vent regulators $73
Air conditioning on Series 75 $624
Air conditioning on other models $474
Air suspension $215
Autronic Eye $55
Cruise Control $97
Electric door locks on two-doors $46
Electric door locks on four-doors $70
E-Z-Eye glass $52
Fog lamps $46
White sidewall tires 8.20 x 15 four-ply $57 exchange
8.20 x 15 six-ply $65 exchange
Door guards on four doors $7
Door guards on two doors $4
Remote control trunk lock $59
License Plate frame $8


Utility kit $15
Monogram $12
Acryllic Lustre finish $20
Undercoating $25
Radio foot switch $10
Gas cap lock $4
Pair of rugs for front $8
Pair of rugs for rear $5


  • Assembly of 142,272 units was counted for the 1959 model year.
  • This was the next to last season for selling the Brougham.
  • Flat-top roof styling was used on four-window sedans
  • Six-window jobs had sloping rooflines with rear vent panes.
  • Power steering and shock absorbers were improved this year.
  • Charles E. Arnold was chief engineer