Series 60 Cadillac History 1952

Series 60 Cadillac History 1952

TheSixty Special Fleetwood sedan had the same general styling changes seen in other lines, plus minor trim and appointment variations. For example, the word Fleetwood appeared on the rear deck lid (instead of a Cadillac crest) and the eight vertical fender louvers were seen again. Hydra-Matic drive and hydraulic windows were installed at no extra cost to buyers.


  • Serial numbers and engine numbers were again one and the same.
  • They appeared on the right-hand side of the crankcase above the water pump and on the right frame side bar behind the engine support.
  • The first two symbols were ’52- or 1952.
  • The next two symbols indicated the series as follows: ’62’, ’60S’ or ’75’.
  • The remaining digits represented the consecutive unit number and began with 00000 for all series.
  • All series had the same ending number, which would be misinterpreted if listed.


Model Number Body Style Doors Model Seat Price Weight Production Total
52-60 6019 4-door Sedan 5 $4720 1935 kg 16,110


Type V-8 Overhead valves.
Block Cast iron block.
Displacement 5.425 Liter
Bore and stroke 96.8mm x 92.1mm
Compression ratio 7.50:1.
Horsepower 190 @ 4000 rpm
Power 142 kW @ 4000 rpm
Bearings Five main bearings.
Valve lifters Hydraulic valve lifters.
Carburetor Carter WFCB four-barrel Model 896S – also – Rochester 4GC four-barrel 7004500.


Model Wheelbase Overall Length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Series 60S 3302mm 5702mm 1499mm 1600mm 8.00 x 15
Dual Exhausts Standard
Rear axle ratio 3.07:1


Hydra-Matic drive on Series 75 $186
Wheel discs $28
Windshield washer $11
Oil filter $11
Fog lamps $37
License frames $4
Outside mirror $6
Vanity mirror $2
E-Z-Eye glass $46
Heater and blower $114
Pushbutton radio and rear speaker $112
Signal-seeking radio and rear speaker $129
Power steering $198
Autronic Eye headlight beam control $53
White sidewall tires Series 62 and 60S $34
Automatic window regulators $139
Wheel trim rings $11


  • Cadillac had the most powerful car in the American industry this year.
  • Charles E. Arnold was chief engineer
  • The 1,300,000th Cadillac of all time was built.
  • Military orders for T41El Walker Bulldog tanks and T41 twin 40-mm gun motor carriages were secured by the Division this year as part of the Korean war buildup.
  • Hydraulically controlled power seats were standard on Coupe DeVille.