Good Guys Car Show-August 2014

Good Guys Car Show-August 2014


Aug 22-24, Pleasanton CA

The Good Guys Car Show-August 2014

What can I say? I love the Good Guys. When it comes to a nice, laid-back, fun show for normal people who love classic cars, no one does a better job than the Good Guys. I use the term “normal” loosely to describe the difference in demographic when compared to say the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, or similar high-browed event. Not that I don’t appreciate those amazing cars, but I never lusted for an Auburn, Pierce-Arrow or a Duesenberg. And even if I did, the prices of those ancient jewels is in the stratosphere, which attracts the monied elite who attends such events. Me? I’d rather look at GTOs, and not the ones built by Ferrari (no offense, Enzo), or a nice Chevelle SS, or a Hemi Cuda. These are the cars that I grew up with, and they attract people more like me. Not entirely without money, but certainly not swimming in the stuff. So, the Good Guys is like a Mecca for good ol’ red-blooded, working-class American car nuts. Like I said, people like me.

Good Guys puts on shows all across the US, all year long. They do 4 car shows a year just in Pleasanton CA (San Francisco Bay Area), which is lucky for me, because I live about 3 miles from the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, where they hold their events. And the Fairgrounds are ideally suited for it, with lots of open space, and yet plenty of shade. It’s nicely landscaped and has wide open lanes between building that work great when you’re wall-to-wall with cars and people. The August show is their largest, dubbed “The West Coast Nationals” and is a judged show with over 3,500 cars. That’s right, over 3,500 cars, and that’s not including the Car Corral!

The show was great, the cars were incredible, the people were happy, and the weather was perfect. There was so much to see and do that I couldn’t possibly cover it all. And now, days later, I struggle to describe it all. So, I’m going to take the easy way out, this time. I’m going to show you some nice pix from the day along with my thoughts in caption form. Hopefully it will suffice to give you a feeling for this wonderful day, and this great show. Don’t miss the next one.

ABOVE: My good friend Harry puts the final shine on his gorgeous ’55 Nomad. He owns Harry’s Auto Repair in Pleasanton CA, where I get all my personal cars serviced.
BELOW: Street rods are always a big part of a Good Guys Classic Car Show.

ABOVE & BELOW: Two ingredients for the perfect day: Bands and Blowers! It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Good Guys Car Show-August 2014

ABOVE & BELOW: These pictures don’t do the Good Guys Swap Meet justice. It’s just too big with way too much stuff to capture on film. Suffice it to say that you can find just about anything you need for your pet project at one of these events.

Good Guys Car Show-August 2014

ABOVE: The Good Guys West Coast Nationals show was so big that it pushed the Car Corral off to one side. But, it was still brimming with excellent deals on some very nice muscle cars. Here are a few of my favorite picks:
BELOW: This delicious (and authentic) ’69 Z/28 has a “numbers correct” DZ302 and was priced at just $45,000. I hesitate to publish phone numbers without the owners’ permission, so if you’re interested in a car here, just email me & I’ll put you in touch.

ABOVE: This super-clean ’69 El Camino with a mild 350 and 700R4 was going for just $14,500. Such a deal. It’s not an SS, although it sports SS stripes. This would make a super driver.
BELOW: This early C3 Corvette was clean, original, and numbers-matching. They were only asking $24,950. If you’re looking for a great muscle car at a good price, consider attending the next Good Guys Car Show, and visit the Car Corral. You won’t be disappointed.

Good Guys Car Show-August 2014

ABOVE & BELOW: It would be impossible to give a true impression, with pictures and words, of the wide array of vendors and all their amazing wares. From car parts to customization services to entire cars, from toys to beer signs to paintings, its all there. I never fail to be amazed, and always seem to see something that I’ve never seen before.

The Good Guys Car Show-August 2014

ABOVE: Check out this mini-streamliner. Better not wear your big shoes.
BELOW: Local builder, Nickell’s Customs displayed these two awesome bare-metal rat rods. The entire skin of the car looked like it had just been hit with a grinder, but was sealed in clear. There was even some rust and body cancer that was left alone, as part of the look. His two kids pose with their Dad’s creation.


ABOVE: Her name is “Pinky” and she drives a 1959 Studebaker wagon. And she’s been a regular at the Good Guys Car Shows for 17 years now. People love to get their picture taken with Pinky. Notice how the car is decked out with retro hat boxes and other cool stuff. I was surprised and a little disappointed to hear that Pinky will be selling her trademark car in auction in the next few months. She will be sorely missed.
BELOW: Talking about pink cars, of all the crazy stuff I saw at this show, and there’s plenty of crazy stuff, this was my overall pick for coolest car at the show. It’s a remote-control baby stroller. It looks like a classic 50’s Buick, and the baby happily rides along, guided through the crowd by Dad, via his hand-held remote. Very impressive.

ABOVE: As you can see, baby is very comfortable in her conveyance. Check out that 5-point racing harness.
BELOW: Proud Papa built it himself, with over-the-counter RC parts. This was a one-off project, but he is considering producing them, depending upon demand. Based on what I saw, there could be a product here. It drew crowds everywhere they went.

Good Guys Car Show-August 2014

ABOVE & BELOW: When it comes to flame jobs, there are at least two main schools of thought: Classic Flames and Modern Flames. Above and the two below are some nice examples of Classic Flames, and my personal picks for Best Classic Flame Job. A 3-way tie, what can I say?

ABOVE & BELOW: Even if you’ve never studied flame jobs before (like there are really people who don’t), the differences between the Classic and the Modern Flame Job become immediately apparent. Where the classic renders sort of a cartoon-version of flames, the Modern Flames are supposed to make it look like the car is really on fire! And some of them are very convincing. Nice job, fellas. You tied for my top pick for Best Modern Flame Job.

Good Guys Car Show-August 2014

For a full days fun, with tons of stuff to do and see, and more cool cars than you can shake a stick at, you can’t beat the Good Guys Car Shows. Sometimes there’s more there than can be seen in just one day, so go the full weekend. But go. Don’t miss the next one. And there’s likely a Good Guys Show coming up very soon in a venue near you. Check out their website at, and we’ll see you there.