Good Guys Car Show-June 2017

Good Guys Car Show-June 2017

June 3-4, Pleasanton CA

The Goodguys have car shows all across the US almost every weekend (check our Events Page for all the dates and locations), but Pleasanton is the only location where they host four shows a year. The Alameda County Fairgrounds is also a great venue for a show like this. There’s plenty of room to spread the cars out, and for people to walk around, lots of shade and green grass, and its well laid-out. The people are always friendly and happy (car shows in general seem to be like that), and there’s always lots to see and do. Of the four shows each year, the June show is my personal favorite. It’s not the largest of the four, that would be the August show. But August is so big that the crowds make it tough for me to get the pictures I want, and it can get pretty hot in August. November is sort of the wind-down show before the Holidays, with the winter weather usually holding things down. Then there’s March. You just never know what to expect of the weather in March. Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes its not, sometimes it rains. But, June is just about perfect, in my estimation. The weather is ideal, and while the crowds are big, and there are lots of cars, it’s not too big (if such a thing is even possible). This time, I went on Sunday and took my wife, my daughter and her boyfriend. We had a wonderful day together and thoroughly enjoyed the Goodguys Car Show-June 2017. Following are some random photos I took along the way. Enjoy.

Rain or shine, my people show up with their cars. And lots of them. You can see just about every kind of car imaginable at a Goodguys Car Show. And this June 2017 show was no exception. The fine weather brought them out in droves.

ABOVE: One of the things I like is when groups of enthusiasts, or actual clubs, get organized and stage all their cars together in a bunch, like these candy-colored Dodge Challengers.
BELOW: Another nice concentration of automotive beauty, one of the buildings was chocked full of Camaros, all six generations of them.

ABOVE: Most Goodguys Car Shows have Autocross events rolled in. I took my 2005 Mustang GT out on the track for the first time. What a blast! Video coming shortly.
BELOW: Then there’s the food! There are more gourmet vittles at the Goodguys Car Show than you can shake a shish-kabob skewer at. We each tried to eat one of those enormous BBQ chicken kabobs!

ABOVE & BELOW: The Goodguys Car Shows aren’t just cars. Many clubs, individual enthusiasts, and vendors show up to display their hobbies and/or wares. Above was a stunning collection of diecast model cars, and below was a classic and custom bicycle display.

ABOVE & BELOW: There are also countless vendors at a typical Goodguys Car Show, and this June 2017 weather brought them out in force. You can find lots of cool and amazing things that you won’t see anywhere else, lots of unique stuff. And just about anything you can imagine that has to do with cars. There’s also a Car Corral with classics for sale, and a Swap Meet, for even more eclectic stuff. And of course the Goodguys themselves are always there, selling their latest batch of T-shirts. I find them irresistible, my closet is full of them.

I know, you’ve been wondering. I try to pick out one or two or three nice flame jobs at each Goodguys Car Show, just because I like flame jobs. This one was my stand-out favorite at the June 2017 show.

Like I said, the Goodguys are putting on car shows every month, sometimes every weekend, somewhere around America, all year long. Visit their website for more details on their upcoming events. And, like they say, “BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!”