1928 Alfa Romeo 6C 1500C Normale Tourer

Initially announced in 1925, the 6C 1500 was a high-performance touring car renowned for its lightweight design. However, it took two more years before it entered production. Its impressive performance was achieved through a 1,487cc inline six-cylinder engine, derived from the P2’s straight eight, which produced 44bhp in the Normale variant equipped with a single overhead camshaft.

Alfa Romeo offered two options for the chassis length of the 6C 1500: 4,052mm (with a wheelbase of 3,100mm) to accommodate six- or seven-seater coachwork, and 3,822mm (with a wheelbase of 2,900mm) for four-seater models.

Following the initial release, Alfa Romeo introduced the Twin-overhead-camshaft Sport and supercharged Super Sport models. The latter, equipped with a supercharger, was the first of its kind to feature the iconic open two-seater coachwork designed by Zagato, which became forever associated with the sporty Alfa Romeo cars of the Vintage era.

Thanks to its mechanical durability, the 6C 1500 enjoyed an illustrious competition career that extended well beyond its production years. However, its production eventually ceased in 1929 when the 6C 1750 model was introduced.

Source: Bonhams