1960 Alfa Romeo Guilietta SZ

The 1950s sparked an Italian coachbuilding renaissance, with carrozzerie bustling with activity, catering to diverse clients, from enthusiasts to automakers. Zagato and Alfa Romeo’s longstanding collaboration, dating back to the 1930s, was notable.

In the late 1950s, Zagato undertook a special project: rejuvenating a crashed Alfa Romeo Tipo 750 Giulietta Sprint Veloce for racing. The resulting “SVZ” garnered acclaim, prompting its official limited-run production due to high demand.

1960 saw the unveiling of the SZ (Sprint Zagato), succeeding the SVZ. Built on the short-wheelbase chassis of the Giulietta SS by Bertone, the SZ epitomized Zagato’s minimalist design ethos. Its lightweight alloy body, enhanced brakes, high-capacity fuel tank, 5-speed gearbox, and high-performance engine made it a versatile powerhouse.

Initially limited to 100 units for homologation, around double that number, including the revised “Coda Tronca” models, were eventually produced. The SZ’s prowess on circuits and challenging roads solidified its reputation as a giant killer. Today, it remains coveted by vintage racers, collectors, and driving enthusiasts worldwide.

Photo Source: RM Sotheby’s