1956 Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint Barchetta

Coachwork by Carrosserie Ghia Aigle

Introduced in 1951, the 1900C Sprint showcased designs by Pinin Farina for the cabriolet version and Touring for the coupé, both powered by the 100bhp engine from the 1900TI sports saloon. The Touring-bodied Sprint Coupé received widespread acclaim, leading it to become the blueprint for all forthcoming ‘aerodynamic’ Alfa Romeo coupés. Among its successors was the charming Giulietta Sprint, exhibiting unmistakable familial traits.

Designed to provide both sporting performance and ‘2+2’ seating, catering to sports car enthusiasts with families, the Sprint Coupe boasted a distinctive heart-shaped vertical grille and matched horizontal side intakes, later becoming enduring Alfa trademarks.

By June 1954, the engine capacity increased to 1,975cc, prompting the model to be renamed the ‘Super Sprint’. With 115bhp under the hood and benefiting from an aluminum-alloy body, these cars achieved speeds exceeding 118mph and excelled in various competitions. Production ceased after crafting 949 Sprints and 854 Super Sprints.

Source: Bonhams