Cadillac Models & History 1986

All-new Eldorado and Seville models entered the lineup for 1986, loaded with a diagnostic system and electronic instruments. Anti-lock braking was a new option on Fleetwood and DeVille. All Cadillacs were now front-wheel drive except the big Brougham, which hung on for another year with a 5.0 liter V-8 under the hood.

Luxury touches promoted in the full-line catalog ranged from golden ignition keys all the way to elegant option packages, to deliver “the feeling of uncompromising excellence.” In keeping with that promise, diesel engines departed from the Cadillac option list, victims of lack of interest and an unimpressive reliability record.

The HT 4100 V-8 added stainless steel exhaust manifolds. Door locks had new rocker switches. Floor consoles contained an ashtray that opened at a finger’s touch. And to keep up with the times, a cellular telephone (“discreetly” positioned in a fold-down armrest) joined the option list. To attract buyers who preferred good handling to a cushy ride, DeVilles could also get a Touring Coupe or Touring Sedan option with stiffer suspension and related extras.

Over 40 body colors were available, including nine Firemist shades and two Pearlmist (black cherry or black emerald) that changed character according to the angle and intensity of sunlight striking the car’s surface.


  • Cadillacs again had a 17-symbol Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), stamped on a metal tag attached to the upper left surface of the cowl, visible through the windshield. Coding changed to reflect the new front-drive models.
  • The first number is a “1” to indicate the manufacturing country (U.S.A.)
  • The second character is a “G” for General Motors
  • The third is a “6” for Cadillac Division
  • Symbol four is the car line (GM body):
    • “J” = Cimarron
    • “K” = Seville
    • “C” = Deville/Fleetwood
    • “D” = Brougham
    • “E” = Eldorado
  • Symbol five indicates series:
    • “G” = Cimarron
    • “S” = Seville
    • “D” = DeVille
    • “B” = Fleetwood
    • “H” = Fleetwood limousine
    • “W” = Fleetwood Brougham (rear drive)
    • “L” = Eldorado
  • Digits six and seven indicate body type:
    • “47” = 2-dr. coupe
    • “69” = 4-dr. sedan
    • “23” = eight passenger limousine
    • “33” = formal limousine
    • “57” = Eldorado coupe
  • Next is the engine code:
    • “P” = L4-121 TBI
    • “W” = V6-173 FI
    • “8” = V8-249 DFI
    • “Y” = V8-307 4Bbl.
  • The next symbol is a check digit.
  • Symbol ten indicates model year (“G” = 1986)
  • Next is a code for assembly plant:
    • “9” = Detroit
    • “E” = Linden, NJ
    • “J” = Janesville, WI.
  • Finally comes a six-digit production sequence number
    • starting with 000001 for Detroit built cars
    • 400001 for Janesville
    • 600001 for Linden (E-body)
    • 800001 for Linden (K-body)
  • An identifying number is also on the engine, and a set of codes on a body number plate.



Engine V8 250cc (4.1L) V8 307cc (5.0L)
Crankcase 5 qt 4 qt
Crankcase with new filter 5 qt 5
AutomaticTransmission after draining 13 pt 10.6 pt
Drive Axle NA 3.6 pt
Fuel tank 18.0 gal(US) 24.5 gal(US)
Cooling with heater 12.6 qt 15.3 qt
Cooling with A/C 12.6 qt 15.3 qt
Heavy duty Cooling NA NA


Engine V.I.N Code 8 Y
Engine type V8-250cc (4.1L) V8-307cc (5.0L)
Fuel delivery DFI 4 bbl
Manufacturer Cadillac Oldsmobile
Original Spark plug R42CLTS6 FR3LS6
Gap 0.060 in. 0.060 in.
Distributor Electronic Electronic
Ignition timing (BTDC) See underhood sticker See underhood sticker
Intake valve opens (BTDC) See underhood sticker See underhood sticker
Fuel pump pressure 12-14 5½-6½
Idle speed See underhood sticker See underhood sticker


Part # 1105493 1105572 1105657
Field current @ 12 V 4-4.5 4-4.5 4-4.5
Output 94 amps 94 amps 120 amps
Regulator Solid state Solid state Solid state
Volts @ 75° 13.8-14.8 13.8-14.8 13.8-14.8


Engine V8-250cc (4.1L) V8-307cc (5.0L)
Battery Ampere Hour Capacity 540 amps cold cranking power @ 0°F
Battery Volts 12 12
Battery Terminal Grounded Neg. Neg.
Starter, Lock Test, Amps Not Recommended
Starter, Lock Test, Volts
Starter, Lock Test, Torque
Starter, No-Lead Test, Amps 65-95 65-95
Starter, No-Lead Test, Volts 9 9
Starter, No-Lead Test, RPM 7000-10500 7000-10500
Starter, Brush Spring Tension 35 oz. min. 35 oz. min.


Engine V.I.N Code 8 Y
Engine type V8-250cc(4.1L) V8-307cc(5.0L)
Manufacturer Cadillac Oldsmobile
Fuel delivery DFI Diesel
Horsepower [email protected] [email protected]
Torque [email protected] [email protected]
Bore x Stoke 3.465 x 3.307 3.800 x 3.385
Compression Ratio 9.1:1 7.9:1
Oil pressure 30 psi 30 psi


Engine type V8-250cc(4.1L) V8-307cc(5.0L)
Main Brg Journal Dia. 2.640 2.4988-2.4998 (No. 2, 3, 4, 5: 2.4985-2.4995)
Main Brg Oil Clearance 0.0004-0.0027 0.0005-0.0021 (No. 5: 0.0015-0.0031)
Shaft End-play 0.001-0.007 0.0035-0.0135
Thrust on No. 3 3


Engine type V8-250cc(4.1L) V8-307cc(5.0L)
Journal Dia. 2.052-2.054 2.1238-2.1248
Oil Clearance 0.0005-0.0028 0.0004-0.0033
Side Clearance 0.008-0.020 0.006-0.020


Engine type V8-250cc(4.1L) V8-307cc(5.0L)
Piston-Bore Clearance 0.0008 0.0008-0.0018
Ring Side Clearance: Top Compression 0.0016-0.0037 0.0020-0.0040
Ring Side Clearance: Bottom Compression 0.0016-0.0037 0.0020-0.0040
Ring Side Clearance: Oil Control None (side sealing) 0.0010-0.0050
Ring Gap: Top Compression 0.015-0.025 0.009-0.019 (with TRW rings: 0.010-0.025)
Ring Gap: Bottom Compression 0.015-0.025 0.009-0.019 (with TRW rings: 0.010-0.025)
Ring Gap: Oil Control 0.010-0.050 0.015-0.055


Engine type V8-250cc(4.1L) V8-307cc(5.0L)
Seat Angle 45° 45° (exhaust: 60°)
Face Angle 44° 46° (exhaust: 59°)
Spring Test Pressure 167 lb @ 1.34″ 187 lb @ 1.27″
Spring Installed Height 1-43/64″ 1-47/64″
Stem-to-Guide Clearance: Intake 0.0010-0.0030 0.0010-0.0027
Stem-to-Guide Clearance: Exhaust 0.0010-0.0030 0.0015-0.0032
Stem Diameter: Intake 0.3413-0.3420 0.3425-0.3432
Stem Diameter: Exhaust 0.3411-0.3418 0.3420-0.3427


Engine type V8-250cc(4.1L) V8-307cc(5.0L)
Cyl. Head Bolts 90 125 ft. lb
Rod Brg Bolts 22 42 ft. lb
Main Brg Bolts 85 80 ft. lb (Rear main: 120)
Crankshaft Damper or Pulley Bolt Press fit 200-310 ft. lb
Flywheel to Crankshaft Bolts 37 60 ft. lb
Intake Manifold 40 ft. lb
Exhaust Manifold 18 25 ft. lb


Carb ID 17086008 (E4MC) 17086008 (E4MC)
Float Level 1132 in. 14/32 in
Air Valve Spring 1/2 turn 1/2 turn
Pump Rod fixed fixed
Primary Vacuum Break 0.142 in/25° 0.142 in/25°
Secondary Vacuum Break 0.278 in/43° 0.278 in/43°
Choke Rod 14° 14°
Choke Unloader 0.220 in/35° 0.220 in/35°
Fast Idle Speed See underhood decal


Feature Eldorado Full size Seville
Caster Range 1½°P-3½°P 3½°P-4½°P 1½°P-3½°P
Caster Pref. 2½°P 4°P 2½°P
Camber LH wheel Range ½°N to ½°P 3/32°P to 57/64°P ½°N to ½°P
Camber LH wheel Pref. ½°
Camber RH wheel Range ½°N to ½°P 3/32°P to 57/64°P ½°N to ½°P
Camber RH wheel Pref. ½°
Toe-In 1/5 in to 1/5 out 18 in. 1/5 in to 1/5 out
Steering Axis Inclination 11° 10-19/32° 11°


1986 Cadillac Notes

  • Introduced: September 26, 1985 except Eldorado/Seville, November 14, 1985; Fleetwood Brougham, February 13. 1986
  • John O. Grettenberger was general manager
  • Warren D. Hirschfield was chief engineer
  • Wayne Kady was chief designer (Cadillac Studio) until December
  • Richard Ruzzin became chief designer (Cadillac Studio) in December
  • L. B. Pryor was general sales manager until August
  • Peter R. Gerosa became general sales manager in August
  • Model year production: 281,296, including 3,628 with four-cylinder engine and 20,906 with V-6, for a 3.6 percent share of the industry total
  • Calendar year production: 319,031
  • Calendar year sales by U.S. dealers: 304,657
  • Model year sales by U.S. dealers: 300,053 for a 3.8 percent market share.
  • Cadillac sales dropped a bit for the second year in a row, barely edging over 300,000, but that was enough to retain dominance among makers of luxury cars
  • E-body Eldorado production began at the new Hamtramck, Michigan plant in late 1985, but delays kept output below peak levels
  • As a result, Eldorado and Seville sales dropped by half
  • The rear-drive Fleetwood Brougham enjoyed a comeback of sorts, due to low gasoline prices and its upgraded V-8 engine
  • Front-drive DeVilles and Fleetwoods also gained in sales for the second year
  • Cimarron rose as well, but not by much
  • Cadillac clung to hopes that Cimarron would gain strength against new imports, such as Acura Legend, despite complaints that it was little more than a fancy Cavalier
  • At the upper end of the scale, the future held a new ultra-luxurious two-seater Allante, due out for 1987
  • Cadillac production figures
Cimarron24,534 (increased 4,644)
Fleetwood/de Ville series215,709 (decreased 15,997)
Eldorado21,342 (decreased 55,059)
Seville19,098 (decreased 20,657)
Series 751,000 (increased 595)

1986 Automotive Notes

  • GM news:
  • Ford news:
  • Chrysler news:
  • AMC news:
  • Other makes news:
  • Top American Automobile Corporations for 1986

1. General Motors4,350,916
2. Ford1,809,604
3. Chrysler1,168,836
4. AMC64,873
5. OthersN/A

  • Top model year production for 1986
DeVille & Fleetwood166,207
Fleetwood Brougham49,137
Fleetwood Limousine1,365
Eagle 308,217