Good Guys Car Show-June 2018

Good Guys Car Show-June 2018

June 2-3, 2018, Pleasanton CA

The Goodguys put on dozens of car shows throughout the year, and all across the US (go to our Events Page for a full schedule of Goodguys Car Shows). But they have four shows per year in Pleasanton CA. They’re based in P-town and that’s where they got their start, at the gorgeous Alameda County Fairgrounds in that fair city. Because of this intimate connection, they have four car shows per year at this location, where most other venues rate only one show per year. There are Goodguys shows in Pleasanton every March, June, August and November. The weather in March is always dicey and this year was no exception, it got rained out. August if pretty darned hot, and it’s the one show where they only allow 1972-and-earlier American cars. The other shows allow any American car, or one with an American engine, of any year. Of course, November starts getting cold. That leaves June as the best time of year to attend a Goodguys Car Show. The weather was absolutely perfect, there were a couple of thousand awesome classic cars of every ilk, loads of great food, cool stuff to buy, lots to see and do, and throngs of happy, like-minded people to share it with. What a day!

I like to put a car in the show myself for several reasons. First off, it’s just plain fun to have a car in a show like this. You get to park it among other nice cars, talk to folks, answer questions, it’s nice. And you can keep all your crap in the trunk when you’re walking around. Plus, you can race it in the Autocross Races that Goodguys puts on 3 out of 4 shows per year. It’s free if your car is in the show. Last year, I pulled in about 11:00 am and got in just one lap. So this year I got there at around 9:00 and it was already filled up for the day. They told me people were lining up when they opened the gate at 6:00 am, and it was full by 6:30. Oh well. At least now I could relax and enjoy the day. I parked my car in a nice shady spot in the car show, pulled out the lawn chairs, got a beer for my wife and myself, about the time my brother-in-law and his girlfriend showed up with their own lawn chairs and beers, and we had a great day. Below are some of the highlights, typical of any Goodguys Car Show, yet each is unique.

ABOVE: Every day at the Goodguys Car Shows is started with Nitro Thunderfest, which are several vintage dragsters fired up and revved to the limit (bring earplugs), after which they play the national anthem and raise the flag. God bless America.
BELOW: Beneath the brand-new Sky Way, there were more cool cars than you could shake a stick at.

ABOVE & BELOW: The variety of cars at these shows is quite eclectic. Classics, muscle cars, trucks, lowriders, rat rods, street rods, you name it…

ABOVE: Two wing-cars. One the left is a blue 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, the right one is a 1970 Plymouth Superbird.
BELOW: Second-gen GTOs flocked together.

ABOVE: This trio of Ford Mavericks show that someone is tuning this ’70s lightweights. Each had a breathed-on 302 V8, big brakes, suspension work and nice wheel/tire sets.
BELOW: There are also several buildings at the Fairgrounds in Pleasanton that the Goodguys fill with gorgeous cars.

Good Guys Car Show-June 2018 AUTOCROSS

The Goodguys have Autocross events at most of their Car Shows. If your car is in the show, you get to race for free! You just have to get there early enough to get in line for it. They fill up fast. But what a blast. What I love about Autocross is that it’s ‘everyman’s racing’, or as we used to say in my younger days, ‘po-boy racing’. In other words, no one owned two cars. You had one car, your daily driver. You drove it to the races, raced it all day, then drove it home and went to work in it on Monday morning. Same thing here. Autocross allows you to race almost anything, without expensive tires, a roll cage, fire suppression, etc. All you need is a helmet. Of course, lots of these guys take it very seriously, and it shows in their cars. I’m pretty sure those guys have more than one car.

ABOVE & BELOW: The paddock filled up quickly. Get in early, or retire to the stands. Anyone (who gets there early enough, that is) can enter on Saturday. But you have to have a time good enough to qualify to continue on to Sunday’s ‘Muscle Car Shootout’ for prize money.

ABOVE: This rat truck was deceivingly quick. Can you tell that that small block Chevy V8 is just a sticker on the hood? Crazy, huh?

The nice thing about most autocross events is that they’re very accessible (assuming you get in early enough). You don’t need a race car with a roll cage, or a nomex fire suit. All you need is a helmet, and your car must pass a technical inspection, which basically means a safety inspection. Get all your lose crap out of the trunk, and make sure you have really good insurance.

The Odd and the Obscure…

ABOVE: I end up picking a favorite flame job at nearly every car show I attend. Some are old school, and others are thoroughly modern. Here’s my pick from the Goodguys Car Show-June 2018.
BELOW: At first glance, you might call this a rat truck. But its really more of a ‘steam punk truck’.

ABOVE: This is one of the most unique street customs I’ve ever seen. Who would have thought of hot rodding a Rolls Royce? This is totally cool.

Good Guys Car Show-June 2018 SWAP MEET

Nearly every Goodguys Show has a huge Swap Meet, with acres of rusty treasures and shiny bobbles of every sort. I have another brother-in-law who goes to every Goodguys Show, but never leaves the Swap Meet. After he’s walked the whole thing, he leaves! He never even goes into the show…and he’s already paid to get in! That’s how good these Swap Meets are.

Good Guys Car Show-June 2018 VENDORS

These Goodguys Shows are covered with vendors of every type. Some are selling custom car parts, or engines, or complete suspension setups. Others have every wiring bit you’ve ever seen. Still others have thousands of diecast models, or luscious paintings of cars, or metal scuptures, or jewelry…or food. Did I mention the food? You can find some things here that you won’t find anywhere else. I see it all the time.

Good Guys Car Show-June 2018 CAR CORRAL

Most Goodguys Car Shows also have Car Corrals, where the public can buy a spot to park their cars and try to sell them. You can see just about anything in these Car Corrals, from better-than-new fully-restored trailer queens, to rusty projects. Prices are all over the board. Here are a few notable examples:

ABOVE: This 1973 Dodge Challenger 440/auto was selling for $16,000. Could it be your next restoration project? If you’re thinking of taking on, or even driving home a car like this, it’s always a good idea to bring a good battery with you.
BELOW: This gorgeous ’66 Chevelle (non-SS) has just 800 miles on it since a frame-off resto. There’s a new 454 roller motor under that hood. You can own this baby for just $43,500 OBO.

ABOVE: This ’73 Dodge 340 Challenger was a bit more of a project, but it was just $8,950.
BELOW: This sweet 1967 Chevy Camaro was priced at $30,000.

ABOVE: This 1963 Chevy Nova SS Convertible was powered by its original 194 6- cylinder with a Holley 4-barrel, headers & dual exhaust + PS, PB & AC. All for just $13,000.
BELOW: This ’78 Trans Am was a Gold Edition, but no ‘screaming chicken’ decal on the hood. A project for sure, but still a lot of car for just $5,000.

The Goodguys Rod & Custom Association hosted dozens of wonderful car shows all year long, all over the country. You can visit their website at for all their upcoming events. And check out our Events Page for all the Goodguys Shows plus lots of other cool car shows.