Fleetwood Cadillac History 1967

Fleetwood Cadillac Models & History 1967

Theyear’s new styling was beautifully rendered on the Cadillac long-wheelbase models which had extra-long rear fenders and an extended “greenhouse” with a formal, high-headroom look. Fleetwood wreath and crest emblems decorated the hood and the trunk and there were Fleetwood block letters at the right side of the deck lid. A simple horizontal body rub molding, lengthened to fit the elongated sheetmetal, trimmed the sides of these elegant machines. Standard equipment included all found in DeVilles plus Automatic Level Control; air-conditioning; carpeted fold-down foot rests and 8.20 x 15, four-ply 8PR black tires.


Model No. Style No. Body Type Seat Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
67-697 69723-R

4-door Sedan

6 $10,360 2425 kg 835
67-697 69733-S

4-door Limousine

6 $10,571 2477 kg 965
67-698 69890-Z Commercial chassis 2333

NOTE: The commercial chassis was built on a 156 inch wheelbase and was provided to professional car builders for the manufacture of hearses and ambulances, etc.


Type V-8 Overhead valves
Block Cast iron block
Displacement 7 Liter
Bore and stroke 104.9mm x 101.6mm
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Brake horsepower 340 hp @ 4600 rpm
Power 255 kW @ 4600 rpm
Bearings Five main bearings
Valve Lifters Hydraulic valve lifters
Carburetor Rochester four-barrel type, model 7026030


Feature Series 75 Commercial chassis
Wheelbase 3805mm 3962mm
Overall Length 6210mm
Rear axle ratio 2.94:1 2.94:1
Tires 8.20 x 15 9.00 x 15
Transmission three-speed Turbo-Hydramatic
Front Tread
Rear Tread


  • A 3.21:1 rear axle gear ratio was standard on Series Seventy-Five and Eldorado; optional on other models
  • A controlled differential was $40.15 extra on all models except Eldorados
  • An air injection reactor was $34.13 extra on all Cadillacs and required on all cars built for California sale
  • Closed positive crankcase ventilators were $4 extra on all Cadillacs and required on all cars built for California sale


Auxiliary horn $12
Automatic Climate Control on Sixty-Special models $516
Firemist finish $132
Cruise control $95
Rear window defogger on models Sixty-Special $27
Door guards $8
Soft Ray glass $51
Guide-Matic headlamp control $50
Head rests $53
Leather upholstery on Sixty-Special $138
License frame, each $6
Power door locks $68
Power door locks for Fleetwood 75 models $116
AM radio $162
AM/FM radio $188
AM/FM stereo on Sixty-Special $288
AM radio rear controls on Fleetwood 75 models $242
Six-way power front seat on models M-P-R $83
Rear center seat belt $11
Front shoulder straps $32
Tilt-telescope steering wheel $90
Remote control trunk lock $52
Twilight Sentinel $32
White sidewall tires, size 9.00 x 15 four-ply 8PR-5, except nine-passenger models $56 exchange
White sidewall tires, size 8.20 x 15, four-ply 8PR-5 on nine-passenger models $64 exchange


  • Dealer introduction date for 1967 Cadillacs and Eldorados was October 6, 1966.
  • The Eldorado featured concealed, horizontally mounted headlamps.
  • A new assembly line was setup at the Detroit factory to build Eldorados
  • A third successive year of record production and sales was marked by Cadillac Division in 1967.
  • Based on the Eldorado’s popularity, Cadillac sales for a single month passed the 20,000 unit level for the first time in the company’s history, setting an all-time high of 22,072 cars in October, 1966.
  • A year later, 23,408 cars conforming to 1968 specifications were built in October, 1967.
  • Calvin J. Werner was general manager of Cadillac; Fred T. Hopkins general sales manager; C.A. Rasmussen chief engineer and W. J. Knight public relations director.