Cadillac Seville Models & History 1993

  • The Seville sedan and Seville Touring Sedan (STS) again represented the series, with refinements and upgrades aligned with those listed for the Eldorado and Eldo Touring Coupe, respectively.
  • Seville again used the 4.9-liter V-8 and 4T60-E transmission while the STS received the new Northstar 4.6-liter V-8 and 4T80-E transmission.
  • Final drive ratio for the Seville was 2.97:1 while the STS�s was 3.71:1.
  • In addition to the Northstar engine, STS featured the new Bosch ASRIIU traction control system. Designed to eliminate wheel spin on slippery road surfaces, the system reduced engine torque by shutting down up to five cylinders simultaneously while applying the brakes.
  • The STS was distinguished by its monochromatic paint scheme, STS badging and Northstar engine identification.
  • The STS also featured a body-color grille with wreath-and-crest emblem, specific rocker molding and bright dual exhaust outlets.
  • New standard features for STS included solar control glass and two new exterior colors: Academy Gray and Dark Cherry Red Metallic.



The 1993 Cadillac had a 17-symbol vehicle identification number (VIN) stamped on a metal tag attached to the upper left surface of the cowl visible through the windshield. The digits of the code were as follows:

  • First digit = “1” = manufacturing country (United States)
  • Second = “G� = General Motors
  • Third = “6” = Cadillac
  • Fourth & fifth = car line/series
    • K/S=Seville
    • K/Y=Seville Touring Sedan
  • Sixth = the body style: 5 = four-door sedan
  • Seventh = the restraint code:
    • 1 = active (manual) belts
    • 2 = active (manual) belts w/dual airbags
    • 3 = active (manual) belts w/driver�s side airbag
    • 4 = passive (automatic) belts
    • 5 = passive (automatic) belts w/driver’s side airbag
  • Eighth = the engine:
    • B = L26 4.9L V-8
    • Y = LD8 4.6L V-8
    • 9 = L37 4.6L V-8
  • Ninth = check digit
  • 10th = model year, “P” for 1993
  • 11th = the assembly plant
  • The remaining six digits identify the production sequence number

Series Body/Style Body Type Factory Price Shipping Weight Prod. Total
KS5 S69 4-dr. Sedan $36990 3648 lb 37,239
KY5 Y69 4-dr. Sedan $41,990 3721 lb


Feature Seville Touring Sedan Seville
Type 90-degree, dual overhead cam Northstar V-8 90-degree, overhead valve V-8
Block Aluminum block with cast iron cylinder liners Aluminum block with cast iron cylinder liners
Heads aluminum cylinder heads cast iron cylinder heads
Displacement 279 cu . in. (4.6 liters) 300 cu . in. (4.9 liters)
Bore & Stroke 3.66 x 3.31 in. 3.62 x 3.62 in.
Compression ratio 10.3:1 9.5:1
Brake horsepower 270 @ 5600 rpm 200 @4100 rpm
Torque 300 lb.-ft. @ 4000 rpm 275 lb.-ft. @ 3000 rpm
Lifters Direct acting hydraulic tappets Roller hydraulic valve lifters
Fuel Injection Tuned port fuel injection Sequential port fuel injection

Wheelbase 111.0 in.
Overall Length 204.4 in.
Height 54.0 in.
Width 74.4 in.
Front Tread 60.9 in.
Rear Tread 60.9 in.
Standard Tires Michelin P225/60R16 (Touring = Goodyear Eagle P225/60ZR16)


Feature Seville Touring
Transmission AT60E electronically controlled four-speed automatic with overdrive (includes viscous converter clutch) 4T80-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic (includes torque converter clutch)
Steering Power-assisted rack-and-pinion. speed sensitive
Front Suspension independent MacPherson strut with coil springs. strut-type shock absorbers and stabilizer bar
Rear Suspension Fully independent coil springs, short/long arm w/automatic level control and speed sensitive suspension Fully independent short/long arm w/automatic level control. electronic variable damping shock absorbers w/road sensing suspension
Brakes Power assisted front and rear disc w/Bosch II anti-lock braking system.
Body Construction integral body frame
Fuel Tank 18.0 gals. 20.0 gals.

  • Security Pkg. $480
  • Sport Interior $146
  • Full Console $146
  • Accent Striping $75
  • Heated Front Seats $120
  • Heated Windshield Syst. $309
  • Astroroof $1,550
  • Leather Seating $650
  • Pwr Lumber Support $292
  • Auto Day/Night Mirror $110
  • Firemist Paint $240.
  • Gold/white Diamond Paint $240
  • Delco-Bose Sound Syst. w/CD & Cassette $972
  • Chrome wheels $1,195.


  • Cadillac’s model year production totaled 225,830 compared with 233,027 the year previous.
  • Based on sales of 204,159 automobiles in 1993 (vs. 214,176 the year before), Cadillac�s share of the U.S. market was 2.40 percent compared with 2.61 the year previous.