Cadillac History Model G 1908

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1907 Cadillac Model G Limousine

Cadillac Models & History G 1908

The1908 Model G was virtually the same as the 1907 Model G except a limousine was added to the line. One or two passenger rumble seats were available, but of a different pattern than the single rumble seat model of 1907.

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1907 Cadillac Model G

There were no changes in the Model G engine for 1908, but the advertised horsepower rating was increased from 20 to 25. This was due to the newly instituted ALAM horsepower formula, which gave the Model G a horsepower rating of 25.6. Cadillac had always been conservative in horsepower ratings. The ALAM rating was also conservative, and gave the same rating to every engine with the same bore and number of cylinders. There was no allowance for design, accuracy or precision of manufacture, superior practice in fit and tolerance, etc. Although having had a voice in establishing the ALAM formula, Cadillac soon took exception to being rated the same as the least sophisticated manufacturer. Although engines were tested for actual developed horsepower, it was to be many years before horsepower curves were publicized.

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1907 Cadillac Model G Tulipwood
Victoria Touring

The engine cylinders were cast singly, copper water jackets, detachable combustion valve chamber. The main bearings were replaceable without removing crankshaft. It had interchangeable intake and exhaust valves operated by push rod & roller cam follower on single gear driven camshaft. For engine accessories it had a belt driven fan, water pump, and oiler; splash lubrication. The engine had three point suspension. It had clockwise cranking. The carburetor was float feed controlled by foot throttle or automatic ring-type governor; jet type carburetor made by Cadillac.

The transmission was selective sliding gear, independently attached to frame


Serial number location
on plate on rear of body or on dash (with engine no.);
engine numbers were stamped on top surface of crankcase
– in front of and to the left of number one (front) cylinder.
Engine numbers
30426-30500 (1907-1908)
30501-31032 (1908)


Body Type Seating Price
2-door Touring 5 pass. $2000
2-door Limousine 5 pass. $3000
Runabout. 3 pass. $2000
Runabout 4 pass. $2025


Engine type
Vertical, in-line, L-head. Four. Individual cast iron cyl., copper water jacket.
Bore & stroke
101.6mm x 114.3mm
3.708 Liters
Brake HP
not specified
Advertised HP
Main bearings
Valve lifters
throttled, float feed, jet type made by Cadillac


Front/Rear Tread
Overall length
32 x 3-1/2
Limousine Tires
34 x 4


Selective sliding gear transmission
3 Forward, 1 Reverse
Drive control
Right-hand drive with controls to the right
Leather faced cone clutch
Shaft drive
Live axle, bevel drive
Spur gear
Overall ratio
See chart below
Mechanical brakes on two wheels; service and emergency brakes on rear drums
Wood artillery wheels, 10 spokes front, 12 spokes rear
Touring & Roadster Wheel size
25 in.
Limo=26 in.


  • On the models M, S & T, different combinations of 9 or 10 tooth driving sprocket with 31, 34, 38, 41, or 45 tooth driven sprocket gave ten possible ratios from 3.1:1 to 5:1.
  • Driven Sprocket
    31 34 38 41 45
    9 tooth drive sprocket 3.44 3.78 4.22 4.56 5.00
    10 tooth drive sprocket 3.10 3.40 3.80 4.10 4.50
  • Lower ratios for runabout to be run on smooth, level roads to higher ratios for loaded Delivery to be run on rough, hilly roads.
  • Instructions for changing sprockets were available for owners, but the change involved disassembly of the transmission and rear axle — definitely not a “quick-change” set-up.


Headlights. Rubber, leather, and mohair tops in three-bow,
cape cart, and victoria styles
$90.00 to 200.00
Victoria style top (factory installed only)