Cadillac Models & History 1924

TheV-63 was similar to the 1922-23 Type 61, with the following exceptions:


  • Longer hood.
  • One inch higher radiator.
  • Roof and rear quarter lines of closed cars softened.
  • Liberal use of non-functional landau bars (buggy bows).
  • Two-passenger Coupe has blind quarters.
  • More interior room.
  • Lower seating position in closed cars.
  • Ventilator door set flush in cowl.
  • 38mm narrower windshield posts.
  • Full width, curved division windows.
  • Automatic, vacuum operated windshield cleaner.
  • Bowl shape replaced bell shape of headlight bodies.
  • Five passenger Sedan with Imperial division offered.
  • New seven passenger Sedan offered mid-year.


  • Front wheel brakes added.
  • Service brake pedal acts on rear external and front internal bands.
  • Emergency brake lever acts on rear internal bands.
  • Front axle/steering knuckle design changed to reversed Elliott type.
  • New tie-rod with adjustable ball and socket ends moved from front to rear of axle.
  • Two cross members added to frame.
  • 3683mm wheelbase special chassis once more made available.

Drive line:

  • No significant changes


  • The engine is much the same as the Type 61 cars except for the new harmonized and inherently balanced two-plane crankshaft and the revisions dictated by this system.
  • Firing order changed to 1L-4R-4L-2L-3R-3L-2R-1R.
  • Flywheel weight reduced as a result of increased flywheel effect of compensators and larger (60mm dia.) crankshaft.
  • Sixteen cams on camshaft.
  • Rocker arms and plate redesigned.
  • Chain adjustment no longer needed – a result of 6.4mm wider chains and greater smoothness of engine.



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1924 Cadillac Phaeton

There were no serial numbers used on the Cadillac V-63.

Engine numbers were stamped on the crankcase just back of the right hand bank of cylinders, and on a plate on the dash.

Starting: 63-A-1. Ending: 63-H-1550.


Style No. Body Type Seating Price Weight
NA 4-dr Touring 7 $3085 1945 kg
NA 4-dr. Phaeton 4 $3085 1909 kg
NA 2-dr. Roadster 2/4 $3085 1905 kg
5490 2-dr. Victoria 4 $3275 1991 kg
5380 2-dr. Coupe 2 $3875 1941 kg
5280 2-dr. Coupe 5 $3950 1986 kg
5270 4-dr. Sedan 5 $4150 2036 kg
5290 4-dr. Landau Sedan 5 $4150 2036 kg
5460 4-dr. Imperial Sedan 5 $4400 2091 kg
5260 4-dr. Suburban 7 $4250 2073 kg
5310 4-dr. Imp. Suburban 7 $4500 2109 kg
5470 4-dr. Sedan 7 $3585 2095 kg
5300 4-dr. Limousine 7 $4600 2109 kg
5370 4-dr. Twn. Brougham 7 $4600 2059 kg

Note: All Cadillac V-8’s up to this time had been designated Type 51, Type 53, etc., through Type 61; with no -A, -B, etc. to designate the first or second year of a two year production run (57, 59, 61). For 1924-1925, the designation became V-63; not Type V-63, not Series V-63, just V-63. However, some Cadillac master parts books covering V-63 plus Type 59 and Type 61 do refer to Type 63. Further, these parts books refer to 63-A and 63-B in reference to early vs late or 1924 vs 1925 V-63 chassis as well as body differences.


Engine Type Ninety degree V-8. L-Head. Cast iron blocks of four on Aluminum crankcase.
Bore and Stroke 79.4mm x 130.2mm
Displacement 5.153 Liters
Brake Horsepower “over 80 horsepower”
S.A.E./N.A.C.C. H.P. 31.25.
Main bearings Three.
Valve lifters Rockers with roller cam follower acting on mechanical lifters
Carburetor float feed, auxiliary air control; manufactured by Cadillac under C. F. Johnson patents.


Item V-63 Special Chassis
Wheelbase 3353mm 3683mm
Front/Rear Tread 1422mm 1422mm
Tires 33 x 5 33 x 5


Transmission Selective sliding gear transmission. Case in unit with engine
Speeds 3 Forward and 1 Reverse
Controls Left drive, center control (right hand drive optional)
Clutch Multiple disc, dry plate clutch
Drive Shaft drive
Axle Spiral bevel, full floating rear axle
Overall ratio 4.50:1, 4.91:1
Brakes Mechanical brakes on four wheels
Wheels Wood artillery wheels, demountable rims, 12 spoke
Wheel size 23 in.
Optional Drive ratio 4.15:1


All nickel headlamps, radiator shell, and hubcaps
Wire wheels
Disc wheels
Five balloon tires on disc wheels $140.00
Six balloon tires on disc wheels, plus double carrier for spares $215.00
Five balloon tires on wire wheels $225.00
Six balloon tires on wire wheels, plus double carrier for spares $315.00


1924 Cadillac Notes

  • Introduced September, 1923.
  • Innovations:
    • Compensated, inherently balanced, two-plane crankshaft.
    • Four wheel brakes.
  • Model year sales: 35,500 with 1925 Model V-63.
  • Model year production 35,500 with 1925 Model V-63.
  • Herbert H. Rice was president and general manager
  • Ernest W. Seaholm was chief engineer
  • Lynn McNaughton was general sales manager

1924 Automotive Notes

  • Industry production drops to 3,185,881 for cars but trucks increase to 416,659
  • Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. was president of GM
  • Pierre S. du Pont was chairman of the board at GM
  • Maxwell-Chalmers Corp introduces the Chrysler
  • Oakland cars are now sprayed with quick-drying Duco lacquer
  • Innovations: twin-filament headlights, baked-enamel paint
  • Chandler features a “traffic transmission” with constant-mesh gearing which will lead to synchromesh.
  • Ford drops its prices to $265
  • The average American earns $1293 per year
  • William S. Knudsen is president of Chevrolet
  • Nash Motors purchases LaFayette Motors Corp.
  • Ethyl (leaded) “anti-knock” gasoline goes on sale
  • The Winton Company stops producing automobiles and focuses on diesel engines
  • Top model year production for 1924