1984 Ferrari Testarossa

The Ferrari Testarossa was introduced at a grand event at the Lido de Paris cabaret in October 1984, while the public outing was at the Paris Auto Show where two vehicles were displayed, one gracing Ferrari’s stand and another at Pininfarina’s.

The name Testarossa summoned the spirits from Ferrari’s glorious racing history and red valvetrain covers on the iconic 250 Testa Rossa racing car. A verbal name resonated better on the American market and Testarossa was just the right one, both passionate, exotic, and highly descriptive.

With its growling flat-12, theatrical design and the name that just screamed passion, the Testarossa perfectly epitomized the neon-clad excess of the 1980s. The overdramatic side profile made it an ideal car for the outrageous era that focused on showing off whenever possible.

Photo Credit: WSupercars.com