58 Chevy Impala

58 Chevy Impala luxury car
The world was introduced to the Chevy Impala in 1958, as a high-performance, luxury car with the bold, extravagant design details emblematic of the era: big fins, quad headlights, six tail lamps (a signature of the model), and flashy chrome trim.

3 thoughts on “58 Chevy Impala”

  1. In 1962 I became the owner of a 1958 sport coupe. I still think it was the best looking of all the Chevrolet’s ever built to date.

  2. Theres way to many cool car design’s from the fifties and sixties and i myself love many of them but as far as class fresh looks speed and the most beautiful all over car it has to be the 1958 Impala 348 tripower Sports coupe.

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