1958 Chevy Impala | Classic Car

Jose Garcia's 1958 Chevy Impala

Fan submission from Jose J Garcia. 1958 Chevy Impala.  This is what Jose has to say about his car. The year 1958 was the first year of the Impala. It started out as a model package for the Bel Air but was more impressive. It came in two different body styles, a convertible and a sport coupe. It had Impala script, insignia and crossed flag emblems on the front of the hood, ribbed body sill panels, large chrome air scoops ahead of rear wheels on the fenders, a competition style deep two spoke steering wheel with Impala medallions, and Impala script on the dash.

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  1. Those 1955 through 58s were true rust buckets. They were junk before paid for in three years. The rear fender wells and especially the headlight “eyebrows” collected water and they went to rust very fast and the rest of the body the same. Pure JUNK. I built them, I KNOW.

    1. You’re right but i love mine! Convertible, 348 tripower, 4 on the floor, continental, blue. May take a ride today!

  2. I have a 58 Belair that I have bee struggling on a color when I ran across this one. Can you tell me what the paint code is, this car is beautiful it would be appreciated.

  3. My first car, 348 four barrel,black with black and white rolled pleated interior. Mine had that sorry power glide trans. Later changed it into 3 in floor. Painted it Pepper Green, a Pontiac color in 1969. One though car. It had 99k miles when I bought it from the original owner, drove approx. 50k miles when I sold in 1974. Never put a wrench on the eng.except points and plugs and oil changes. Can’t say that about transmission and rear ends. That was my fault, a heavy foot! Wished I never sold it. Also i loved that big back seat!

  4. I’ve owned every one from 55-73 till they went down hill with the exception of the 58 which I would give all for. IMO the best lookin one of all the 58 impala sport coupe.

  5. My first car was a ’58 Impala. It was a two-tone hardtop, red and white, with a 2 bbl 283 and Powerglide. Bought in 1964 for a whopping $600. I upgraded it with a dual 4 bbl setup from an early 60’s Corvette, which really allowed that 283 to sing, at least after you got going more than 15 or 20 mpg (thanks, Powerglide). The steering wheel was a work of art. When my ’58 was totaled by someone who didn’t get the concept of driving on icy roads, I kept the steering wheel and installed it in the ’55 Chev that I bought next.

  6. My dad, who knew nothing about cars, bought a used 58 Biscayne 4dr that was quintessential plain vanilla [cream over old gold]. I had just got my driver’s license, and I knew exactly what he had. Under the hood was the 348 4brrl that nobody expected, ever. It is amazing I survived my teen years after posting 123mph going past the police station at midnight. On dad’s $19 tires from Sears…

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