1979 Aston Martin V8 Series 3 Sports Saloon

Originally designed to house Aston Martin’s new V8 engine, the DBS encountered production challenges, leading to its initial release with the DB6’s 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine. Despite being larger and more opulently appointed than the DB6, the DBS, while slightly less powerful due to its substitute engine, drew criticism for its reduced performance. However, all reservations were quashed in 1969 when the V8 powerplant was finally introduced.

Featuring a 5,340cc four-cam engine delivering an estimated 315bhp, the DBS V8 accelerated to 100mph in less than 14 seconds and achieved a remarkable top speed of 160mph. This performance, truly astonishing for its era, solidified its reputation as the fastest production car globally. In 1972, following Aston Martin’s acquisition by Company Developments, production recommenced with the Series 2, rebranded as the Aston Martin V8. This iteration showcased a revamped front end that paid homage to the aesthetics of earlier Aston models.

Remaining resilient through the fluctuations of ownership and financial turbulence during the 1970s, the V8 proved itself as Aston Martin’s most triumphant offering. Its remarkable production spanned from 1969 to 1988, yielding an unprecedented 2,919 units sold, cementing its status as an iconic and enduring model.

Source: Bonhams