1965 Aston Martin DB6 Sports Saloon

Aston Martin’s pinnacle ‘DB’ series, culminating in the DB6 from 1965, is often deemed the ultimate expression of true Astons. Departing from the Superleggera tubular body of its predecessors, the DB6 adopted fabricated sheet steel while keeping aluminum outer panels. Despite ‘Superleggera’ badges persisting until supplies ran out, the DB6 showcased significant updates from the iconic DB5.

The primary focus was on expanding rear-seat space, leading to a 3¾” longer wheelbase, prompting a comprehensive restyling with a more raked windscreen, elevated roofline, and redesigned rear quarter windows. Noteworthy was the Kamm-style tail with a spoiler at the rear, enhancing aerodynamics and stability at high speeds. The integration was so seamless that, aside from the distinctive Kamm tail, one might easily mistake it for a DB5.

Powered by Tadek Marek’s unaltered 3,995cc six-cylinder engine, delivering 282bhp with triple SU carburetors, the DB6 offered a Borg-Warner automatic transmission and, for the first time, optional power-assisted steering. The well-received DB6, with 1462 “Mk1” units sold between 1965 and 1969, marked a notable chapter in Aston Martin’s iconic lineage.

Source: Bonhams