The Western Sport Special

Unrestored 383 WSS belonging to Tony DiLernia, Maryland, USA..

I have had a lot of requests in the past for more information on the Western Sport Special Challengers so here is everything I know. I must thank Jennifer Menard for sending me most of the facts I needed to write this page as well as the detailed photos of the WSS decals.

The name ‘Western Sport Special’ first appeared on 1969 Dodge Darts. In 1970 it was a version of the base Challenger with a package of options at a discounted price. It was released mid-Dec.1969 to the Los Angeles and San Francisco regions and all were built at the LA plant.

The fender tag option code for the WSS is A91 and the package cost was just $199.50.

For that price you received a Western Sport Special decal on the rear fenders (see photos below), a vinyl roof, a woodgrain instrument panel applique, a remote control mirror, the rim blow steering wheel, sill mouldings, belt mouldings, front splash pan scoop, cowl moulding, rear taillight Astrotone applique, pedals dress-up kit, bumper guards w/rubber inserts and F78x14 inch white side wall tyres mounted on 14″ Rallye wheels.


Decal on Jennifer’s car before restoration…

…and after restoration.

Interior of Tony’s car showing the rim blow steering wheel and woodgrain instrument panel.

This option was only available on the base Challenger and no records are known to exist of any T/A, R/T OR 340 with this option. If you can prove different then PLEASE let me know.



I am told that one WSS car has been documented that also had the A66 340 performance package. I have not seen this car myself.

The WSS T/A problem will not go away. Several people have told me that they do exist. Most of these have read it someplace or other so it MUST be true eh?
Well here are the FACTS!!!

ALL T/A cars were built at the Hamtramck production plant. All WSS cars were built at the LA plant. THEY COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BUILT TOGETHER! What would a T/A do with body belt mouldings and 14 inch white wall tyres anyway?

In the July 1992 Mopar Collectors Guide Galen Govier states that NO 340 engined or T/A WSS cars are known to exist and there are no factory records of them. However. When asked if the WSS T/A exists in the November 1992 Mopar Muscle magazine he states that he has seen ONE. A B5 (blue) car with a rear exit exhaust, wheel well mouldings, bumper guards w/rubber inserts and a WSS sticker on the rear spoiler (not the rear quarters). IT DID NOT HAVE THE A91 (WSS) OPTION CODE ON THE FENDER TAG.

Photos exist of this car when it appeared at a show years ago (where Galen saw it?) but the car has not been seen since. In my opinion it had either been modified by the owner (the car shows other non-stock items) or the dealer dressed it up a little to shift it off his lot.

Production figures for the WSS are:

  • 145 with the 225 inch slant six engine.
  • 1,066 with a 318 inch V8 engine.
  • 381 with the 383 big block.
  • 1 (maybe) with the 340 performance package.