1970 Aston Martin DB6 Mk 2 Vantage

In 1969, Aston Martin was nearing the end of production for its iconic DB6 model, which had evolved from the earlier DB4 and was more than 10 years old. As attention turned to the newer and more modern DBS, Aston Martin released a final tribute to the DB6: the DB6 Mk 2.

The Mk 2 was similar to its predecessor in terms of mechanics; the only changes were the replacement of the Borg & Beck clutch plate with a 10.5-inch version and the inclusion of power-assisted steering, which was previously an optional feature. Both the ZF five-speed manual gearbox and automatic transmission were still available. However, a new option of Brico fuel injection was offered, and only 46 cars were fitted with it.

Visually, the new Mk 2 featured several components from the DBS, which helped to keep costs down while also subtly upgrading the DB6’s appearance. The most noticeable of these upgrades were the wider 8.15-by-15-inch Avon wheels, which required flared front and rear wheel arches. The previously optional three-ear knockoffs were now standard, and the interior was redesigned to more closely resemble the DBS, including pleated leather trim on the front seats.

Source: RM Sotheby’s