1968 Dodge Coronet R-T 426 Hemi

1968 Dodge Coronet R-T 426 Hemi muscle car
1968 Dodge Coronet R-T 426 Hemi. Standard Coronet R/T equipment included a front anti-roll bar, heavy-duty front torsion bars, shock absorbers, rear leaf springs, special external identification, and, last but not least, the biggest standard engine and brakes in the muscle car business to that point.

6 thoughts on “1968 Dodge Coronet R-T 426 Hemi”

  1. There’s No Car like MOPAR!
    I can remember these Bad Boys, they actually had A Warning Sign ( removable sticker) on the driver’s side window & Dashboard Stating how Powerful this Car was and Dodge wouldn’t assume any Responsibility! You bought this MONSTER as is! Remind you this was a Factory Car pushing 425 Horsepower {Real Horsepower}
    REAL MUSCLE CAR💪with a huge appetite!

  2. Curtis/Debbie Hunt

    We are proud to say that we have one. Ours is yellow with dog dish wheel covers. Otherwise has all the same equipment. Super powerful car!

  3. Oh Ya !!! Talk dirty to me 🙂 I had one a few years back but only a 440 under the hood. Still an absolute STREET BEAST !!!!!! I had a hard time keeping tires on the 440 I could only imagine a Hemi. I think if I owned it I would go down to the local Police Station, give them my licence and say I’ll be back in an hour.

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